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I got first dibs!!!!!

Discussion in 'Discussion Forum' started by stingray250, May 17, 2018.

  1. stingray250

    stingray250 True Classic

  2. Eastep

    Eastep Dub-ing

    I love 97.34% of that car.
  3. Dan Sarandrea (Phila)

    Dan Sarandrea (Phila) Waitin' On Parts...

    Philadelphia, PA
    I like the flames shooting out of the exhaust!
  4. Beautiful car. I can't imagine how much time and money was spent on it. I also love the photo of the engine with a claw hammer lying beside it. Must be an ode to it's Italian heritage. :)
  5. carl

    carl True Classic

    I don't like the paint job so I'm going to pass, even though I'm sitting on a small fortune from the sale of my spider.
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