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Discussion in 'NFC Forum' started by kmead, Nov 2, 2019.

  1. kmead

    kmead Old enough to know better

    OK not so much.

    Busy couple of months.

    Sold our old house, moved out, moved things into a storage unit. Started a big project or two at work. Bought a car for my daughter, bought a lawn and garden folly and of course traveled to a few far away places. Yorkshire was pretty this time of year. A couple of concerts and the never ending house projects.

    Moved out and things into storage
    IMG_6397.jpg IMG_6398.jpg IMG_6466.jpg
    Saw Steve Hackett for the second time

    Fixed our chimney area and found out some things I didn't want to know
    IMG_6565.jpg IMG_6570.jpg

    Drove the X at a Fiat event

    Travelled for work to Huddersfield UK, great trip which did involve Planes, Trains and Automobiles to get to the meeting. Late.

    Bought our first Honda for my daughter and it will be my winter car this year.
    IMG_6704.jpg IMG_6706.jpg

    Had a project for the Veterans Administration go to Washington DC for two appearances, one in the Senate office building rotunda.
    IMG_5243.jpg IMG_5245.jpg

    And bought a yard folly I don't need but it was just too cool

    IMG_6827.jpg IMG_6840.jpg

    A Toro/Heston Front Runner or GMT 200 which is a hydrostatically driven front wheel drive, articulated steering yard tractor from the early 70s. Because of course I need another project.

    Anyway, back to the normal programming of Xweb, nothing to see here now move along.
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  2. autox19

    autox19 True Classic

    East Lansing, Mi
    You still in the area?

  3. Dr.Jeff

    Dr.Jeff True Classic

    Sin City
    I have missed you. And now I see why...you've been a busy boy.
    I bet the yard folly has more power than most of your (our) Fiats. :oops:
    Keep us in mind when you get things back in order a little.
  4. bbrown

    bbrown Bob Brown Moderator

    New Hampshire
    Geez Karl, you HAVE been busy! Lols, busier than me! You seem to be traveling the world as of late.
    I'm in the throws of installing a new 8-zone forced hot water heating system in my home ... from scratch.
    I also bought a hydro statically powered tractor from my neighbor that I (also) didn't need ... tucked away under my deck... for now
  5. kmead

    kmead Old enough to know better

    Yes we are still in GR, we just finally sold our old house which for a variety of reasons we have been carrying for several years.

    I finally acknowledged that I don’t have time given my job, interests and that our ‘new’ house also needs many projects done for us to be happy here. OK for her be happy, because as we all know if she is not happy, ain’t nobody happy. :)

    The rest of the foolishness is just the reality of the rest of my life. Or more accurately how I choose to live it.

    Thanks guys, it has been a bit strange not checking into all everyone has been up to each day but it was great working my way through all that everyone has been doing.

    Now to go out and clean up the leaves from all the oaks that give such great respite all summer.
  6. lookforjoe

    lookforjoe True Classic

    Busy, busy :D

    Magnificent buildings in DC - shame so many down there now don't deserve the respect the offices/buildings they inhabit inspire.

    Did you drive in the UK?

    How was the Steve Hackett show? Are you also a (early?) Genesis fan? Did he do some early Genesis numbers? I've seen Peter Gabriel, not Phil Collins.

    I have one solo album of his, probably late 70's / early 80's since that was when I was buying vinyl - has Richie Havens on one track.
  7. Dr.Jeff

    Dr.Jeff True Classic

    Sin City
    You're referring to this guy, right?
  8. I remember him heavily pushing the "Rice Diet" back in the 70s.
  9. ghostdancing

    ghostdancing True Classic

    it's pitty to put in storage that 124 BC..especially with that lovely wheels..
  10. kmead

    kmead Old enough to know better

    The two shows I have been to, Steve has taken the first half of the show to do his solo work and then the second half is a complete early Genesis album. In this case Selling England by the Pound which was one of the albums he worked on. The vocalist he works with is very good, replicating much of what Peter Gabriel did with his own flourishes. An excellent show with great musicians. If you are interested in early Genesis you might also consider catching a show with The Musical Box out of Montreal. They also do complete albums or specific concerts done by Genesis, they are acknowledged to be the best and have been granted the use of some of the videos Genesis showed at the time. I have seen both several times along with seeing Genesis and Phil Collins a number of times in the early 80s (at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center).

    Yes the venue in Washington was quite impressive and some of the individuals there were worthy of the space. This project is part of Atlas ( https://www.blogs.va.gov/VAntage/64675/project-atlas-creates-better-access-to-care-for-veterans/ ) which is a Telehealth solution for veterans in remote locations. The first actual unit has now been installed in Eureka, Montana (a place I visited in April which if you are paying attention to the video you can catch me a couple of times) and is serving veterans now. Overall a gratifying, fast track project with real benefits and changes in peoples lives.
    4E2654D4-B940-477B-BE73-A94949E3B329.jpeg 90063FB9-64BF-48E1-BCEF-CFDD1FA93346.jpeg F8ABD95B-5E6A-436A-9B0E-FBEB4F00D4B5.jpeg 59091A62-82CB-4584-861A-13F18FC065C8.jpeg DC03238E-0B72-465A-B26A-7A7112B4BC3E.jpeg 1EE2903C-B0BE-4B24-98F1-69B3F3E15451.jpeg
    The install and grand opening of the first prototype unit in Eureka, MT last month after it had been used at the VFW national convention and American Legion National Convention during the summer.

    I didn’t drive in the UK, short time there with the usual fatigue so driving on the right side of the road could have been a challenge. Huddersfield is a lovely small city in the valley with large hills all around, many single lane roads with tall stone walls at the edge of the pavement with periodic wide areas to duck into when there is oncoming traffic. You would not want a large car there. Stayed at a lovely inn with an excellent restaurant/pub (the second time I have stayed there).
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  11. kmead

    kmead Old enough to know better

    Sadly it has needs from when my X’s crappy e brake didn’t keep if from rolling down my driveway into the side of the 124. No damage to the X, plenty to the 124.

    Thus why I am not a fan of the Fiat rear calipers which hold decently when facing up hill but are less impressive when facing downhill.

    I do look forward to refurbing it in the future when I have built a larger garage to hold it in pieces...

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