In memory of our founder, Ian "Mac" McIntosh

Discussion in 'In Memoriam' started by ukrose, Nov 24, 2010.

  1. ukrose

    ukrose Low Mileage


    Some of you may know me, I'm Ian's girlfriend, Rose. I have tragic news to share with the group. On Sunday, my love partner of eight years, Ian committed suicide. He was in just too much pain to go on living. In a last desperate act to end his suffering, he stepped in front of a speeding train. I am devastated beyond measure. I want the group to know that I tried everything I could over the last couple of years to help him but in the end, he had reached his personal limit. My heart has been ripped out.

    Please do not judge him. Over the past year, he's been in intensive mental treatment. He was so strong and he fought tooth and nail to live, because I knew he would NEVER leave me willingly. He was such a gentle soul and it killed me to watch helplessly as he slipped away from me and life slowly. He was just so very sad. He had so many personal losses, among them never getting over the death of his father.

    I want you to know that he counted all of you as friends. He often recounted his trip to England with his ex-girlfriend, Holly and how wonderful this group was in hosting the two of them. It meant the world to him. He was never happier than talking about his little broken orange Fiat or working on this forum - his baby. Thank you for giving him so much happiness! I will be forever grateful to all of you for the escape this forum provided.

    In closing, I would urge each of you to listen carefully when a loved one says he/she wouldn't be missed, they have no friends, they don't matter, or worst yet, do the equivalent of retiring from a forum they loved. He was slowly saying goodbye and none of us knew it. If something doesn't sound or feel right, listen to your gut - intervene! Let them be angry. They'll be angry and alive. Make sure the people you love, know you love them every day.

    Please remember him fondly and in love.

    Rose Sonenthal

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  2. so cal mark

    so cal mark True Classic

    wow, sorry for your loss. :sad:
  3. JimD

    JimD Waiting for Godot... Moderator

    Missouri, USA
    Tragic news

    Hello Rose,

    First, please accept my condolences on Mac's passing. He will truly be missed by the Xweb community.

    Is is sad that it came to this for Mac. He really was a gentle soul and he poured a lot of heart and emotion into this site. Perhaps too much at times.

    Mac in 2007

    Mac's Youtube video from Feb 2009:
    [ame=""]YouTube - Mac's '75 X1/9[/ame]
  4. MarkF

    MarkF Administrator Moderator

    Redmond/Chelan, WA
    For those who may be recent to the our community

    Ian "Mac" McIntosh is the person responsible for this forum coming into existence. More than 10 years ago, he single-handedly established first Seattle X1/9, and then the web site and message board which grew into the global community we have here today. He had enthusiasm, drive, and dedication like few people I have ever known.

    His loss is a great tragedy to our community, and the world at large. I am deeply saddened by this news, and encourage everyone to take an active role in helping others, in his honor.

  5. bbrown

    bbrown Bob Brown Moderator

    New Hampshire
    Beyond words. A Memorial for Mac

    I am truly shocked. Rose, I am so sorry.
    I was in Seattle last week and wanted to meet up with Mac.
    I couldn't find him in email or phone but I met up with Greg Smith.
    Greg tried to contact him as well but couldn't.

    This will take some time for us all to realize. I hope you have folks you can talk to,
    and I sincerely hope you remain in contact with us.

    My most sincere condolences and thank you for letting us know.

    27 November 2010:
    I put together a photo collection in honor of Mac.
    None of the photos were taken by me, but I've collected these photos over the last 10 years from
    XWeb 1.0 and put them in a single page.
    I hope this is acceptable by all that took the original photos.

    I never officially met Mac, though we had several communications over the last 10 years. I will
    miss him and the guidance he gave the forum, making it what it is today. Thank you Mac.
    Rest in peace, my friend.

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  6. budgetzagato

    budgetzagato Administrator Moderator

    Olympia, WA USA
    RIP Mac...

    Very sorry to hear from Rose about this. Mac was unique in this world, and will be missed. In addition to this forum and the SeattleX1/9 club, he leaves behind numerous friends and family here and around the world.

    It's important to realize that sometimes you can't prevent a suicide, as much as we wish we could. Rose we all are feeling a little bit of your pain.

    We'll plan a gathering in Mac's honor very soon so stay tuned folks. Anyone interested in knowing the details please send me an email. I'll make sure you get the particulars.

    As Mac was fond of saying, Peace.

    Please post pics and memories if you have them.

    Here's Mac in '09 at his "retiring" gathering.
  7. Mark Plaia

    Mark Plaia True Classic

    Springfield, OR
    I picked up Rose's message just a couple of minutes after it posted....

    I still don't know what to say, but I will try.

    First off, condolences to Rose and Mac's family. Any loss like this is a tremendous blow. I am deeply, deeply sorry.

    Mac was a personal friend of mine. We met during my time in the Seattle Washington area, where my wife Carol and I lived for 5 1/2 years. I was autocrossing at the time, and Mac came out to one of the meets. There were two X1/9s contending in DSP class that year, and Mac was tremendously excited about seeing the cars in competition. He had decided to try out autocrossing in the Honda that he was driving at the time, and I took him on his first course walk at his first ever autocross. Seattle X1/9 and a web forum were his dream at that time.

    By early 1999, he had pulled a presence together and we had our first "meeting" at a Round Table Pizza in a north Seattle suburb. Mac, Ulix and I arrived in our X1/9s, while Jim Perry came in his FIAT Brava. Mark Freeman and Wayne Wright also attended. The presence has only grown since then, first through SeaX1/9 website, then to the first N54 iteration of the XWeb to the present, worldwide embodiment of the XWeb. All driven by one man's vision.

    Mac, you will be sorely missed. Thank you for what you have done. I am proud to have called you my friend.

  8. kungfuty

    kungfuty Tyrone Revelo

    My condolences to all his friends and family

    It is truly a tragedy that it had came to this. What thoughts run in a persons mind to do this i hope i will never find out.

    I have not been a member here for too long but he was the first person to pm me to welcome me to the forum.

    God bless him and may he RIP.
  9. fiatmonkey

    fiatmonkey Tim Hoover

    Redwood City, CA
    Rose I am so sorry for your loss

    I never had the pleasure of meeting Mac but did exchange on the forum a couple of times. He did once elude to some tough times he was having and I concluded it was mental health in nature. He immediately got support from the forum members.

    I personally have been touched by this awful disease; my late father was schizophrenic, my wife developed what is called postpartum psychosis after the birth of our daughter and has never fully recovered and I have fought bi-polar most my adult life. It's truly a labor of love that you stayed by Mac's side. God bless you. Too many people don't understand and have a "snap out of it" attitude.

    Thank you for being there for Mac. I wish I knew him better.

  10. Old Zeb

    Old Zeb Cam Tower Seepage

    Portland, Oregon
    My heartfelt condolences.

    Each feels his own pain...but having lost a life partner to her own hand I can appreciate the whirlwind of thoughts and emotions.

    Our life's existence is to love, support, encourage, and yes, sometimes irritate and badger those around us. And share.

    Please, Rose, do not in any way blame yourself or play the "If only I had..." card. There is nothing to be gained, certainly no solace or comfort to be had. We can share the burdens of others only to the extent that they will allow us, despite our best intentions.

    It is too soon for platitudes, and probably too soon these words I type. We all can offer, but we can give no relief for your anguish. Please try to be steadied by the words of Voltaire:

    Nothing should be prized more highly than the value of each day.

    In time it will have more meaning, I promise.

  11. rshaw

    rshaw D:

    My condolences Rose,

    Mac's memory will live on in this forum, a group he brought together. :)
  12. EricH

    EricH Eric Hamilton Moderator

    Durham NC, USA
    Only if we make it happen

    Only if we make it happen
  13. AngeloX19

    AngeloX19 True Classic

    Brampton, Ontario
    My condolences Rose.

    RIP Mac, I hope you found the peace you were looking for.
  14. Black-Tooth

    Black-Tooth Tony Natoli

    There is seldom a time I am speehless...

    I thought of Mac often... wrote him from time to time... loved who he was and what he did through this cyber-space vehicle we use... and at times... was able to touch him with a gift or two.

    May God grant all who knew him... and may his soul now rest in... peace.

    "Papa" Tony Natoli
  15. spiderrey

    spiderrey spiderrey

    san dimas, ca
    So very sorry, Its a huge loss.
  16. Rose I am so sorry for your loss

    condolences to Rose and Mac's family

    I never had the satisfaction to know him personally, but I talked with him a couple times, by the years I knew him for his devoted love for this forum and sincerely I have no words to say sorry.

    ( For I have no reason, today on the morning I was thinking on him before I read this.. )

    I take my hat off.

    Hasta pronto mi hermano,
    ya no tienes que caminar mas.

    descanse en paz.

    Hay hombres que luchan un día
    y son buenos.

    Hay otros que luchan un año
    y son mejores.

    Hay quienes luchan muchos años
    y son muy buenos.

    Pero hay los que luchan toda la vida.
    Esos son los imprescindibles.


    There are men who fight one day
    And are good.

    There are men who fight one year
    and are better

    there are some who fight many years
    and they are even better.

    But there are those who fight their entire lives,
    Those are the ones who are indispensable.

    Bertold Bretch.​



    As he always ended his treads.

  17. ianlawson

    ianlawson ian - NZ

    I am stunned.............!!

    Rest in peace, Mac!!

    You have friends in many distant parts of the (X) world!!

    This great Forum will continue on, knowing you were the founder of a magnificent international group of enthusiasts!

    cheers brother!! Ian - NZ
  18. Dan Sarandrea (Phila)

    Dan Sarandrea (Phila) Waitin' On Parts...

    Philadelphia, PA
    Rose, words are so inadequate and shallow for this, but I am saddened, and I empathize with you, over the loss of a loved one.

    I never met him or spoke with him, but reading what he posted I could tell Mac was a nice guy.
  19. emrliquidlife

    emrliquidlife True Classic

    So Cal

    Sent you an email via Facebook. Should you return to Xweb, I am very sorry for your loss.

    I have warmth in my heart for what Mac accomplished here.

    To the point, I'd like to donate towards funeral expenses, or if a better idea, a floral remembrance.

    I can do this via paypal. Any of the Seattle brethern have input?

    Perhaps the SoCal guys can pass the hat at the Turkey Trot.

    Hope I am not speaking out of turn here.

  20. Gilles

    Gilles Daily Driver

    Orange County, CA
    Thank you Mac,

    Thanks to you, I got a chance to meet a somewhat crazy but beautiful people that I had shared my dreams and passion with for the past ten years.

    You will always be in our hearts, rest in peace my friend.

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