In memory of our founder, Ian "Mac" McIntosh


Anyone think that a "Mac's Day" would be ....

a fitting memorial to our lost friend?
His fellow countrymen and visitors to the States could hold a meeting and those outside the USA could contribute recollections on the site once a year.
Perhaps Rose might be approached to attend so that she could get some flavour of how well he was loved by us all?


Upstate N.Y.
I'm devistated

Rose, I am so sorry.
I stumbled upon the Seattle X1/9 forum in 1998, and have been here since. I am so glad I was able to have Mac as a friend. He had no idea what he meant to so many people.


True Classic
An enduring tribute, and our thanks

Xweb was his baby. The best way (IMHO) to honor him and remember him is to keep showing up and contributing. But perhaps a simple 'For Mac' script across the top?

Jim W

Luckless Pedestrian
I have no idea what to say...

My deepest sympathies go out to close family and friends...


Daily Driver
So very sad, my thoughts are with you Rose and family. I too stumbled into this forum and it was soley responsible for the decision to rebuild my X. Thanks Mac... Life is not about where you end up - its about the journey - thanks for letting us share the ride some of the way
We're all better off having known him....

Just got onto the forum after a couple of day absence to hear the sad news. Mac brought us all together here with his passion for the car.

Drive on, brother.



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I don't know what to say...

Thank you Rose for having taken the time to let us know. I'm sure this wasn't easy for you to write this. I'm in this forum nearly from the beginning. Never met Mac personnaly, but from his presence and our exchanges on the forum, I knew he was a great guy. He will be missed by friends all over the world.

Au revoir Mac!

Daniel Forest
Montreal, Québec
My sincere condolences

I too would like to give my heart felt condolences.I didn't know Mac,nor have I met most of you on this forum,but I've allways been thankfull that Mac started this wonderful X19 community for all of us to enjoy and be a part of.
Rest in peace Mac.


Bad Magic
Wow, I'm very sad to hear this. Mac and I emailed and im'd a couple of times on the board, but not to often. He was always very cool to talk with and I was looking forward to meeting him.

Rose, I'm, very sorry for your loss. my condolences to you and his family.


Old enough to know better
Please accept my condolences

Such unfortunate news.

I never met Mac nor really conversed with him directly. I have read his posts over the years I have been an observer (Xweb) and later as I became an active member (son of Xweb). It was evident he was a caring person looking out for and seeking the best in everything.

This is a great place, the flavor and timbre of it were clearly the result of the approach and personality of its creator. Mac created a fine place to be, which many of us enjoy each and every day. Thank you.

I cannot imagine your loss and unfortunately can't do much if anything to lessen it.

Know that you are not the source of his choice to depart this life, if anything you extended his time among us. Thank you for that.


Bernice Loui
Father Of The X Family Gone..

If not for Mac, out Italian X family would not likely be here or have the personality if does. It was due to Mac's hard work and dreams that have brought all of us together at this tiny corner of cyber space.

Part Mac will always live on as along as this space continues on and those who remember Mac works towards making his dream come true.

Mac and I chatted via email over the years more about the stuff going on in his life than x1/9 stuff. I never had the chance to meet Mac, but was hoping to do so if I were in the area.. Regardless, Mac was a rather special individual in many ways..

*If possible, we should make a space here on Xweb as a memorial of Mac.

*Do what we can to support/help Rose and Mac's family during this most difficult time.

*We as a group should work towards restoring/preserving that orange 75' exxe that Mac loved so much.. to where he hauled it from storage space to space hoping to find a way to make it whole again.

Loosing Mac has been like losing a family member to me.. which is why I have not been here for days since the news.



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As all have said, a shock beyond words

I'm sure I'm not alone in saying the X web has helped so much in enduring these difficult times. Maybe especially for those like myself without currently running X's, but collecting parts, pulling the project together, using this forum to rediscover everything about the car and keep moving forward. We check in daily to not miss anything, and it sustains us. We owe Mac so much.


More info...

Many have expressed the desire to send condolences to Rose and Ian's mom Leslie. With their permission here are their addresses:

Rose Sonenthal
1212 9th Ave. W.
Seattle, WA 98119

Leslie Sickler
14250 Finian Rd.
Rainier, WA 98576

Leslie has expressed interest in somehow taking care of Mac's orange X1/9 currently in her garage. I plan to move it next weekend, if anyone wants to help, and store it here as needed. She has also expressed the desire that the donations made toward expenses be used to further this cause. This could be a project with many different teams or individuals contributing, certainly not something one person should take on. Let's discuss this in another thread.

Beginning tuesday, an online memorial and guest book will be available at Please add your thoughts there as well as here on Xweb. An announcement will be in Monday's Olympian newspaper. I'll post that link as soon as it's up.

The Xweb gathering/memorial is tentatively planned for 1pm Sat Dec. 11, at 3201 Boston Harbor Road (98506) in Olympia. I'm only unsure because of the event scheduler being gone for Thanksgiving. I should be sure tomorrow.

Rose and Leslie are pretty amazed at the evidence of true affection for Mac here on Xweb. Thanks for making sure they see it. It's been about a week, but it's still just sinking in.

Jeff Z

Former owner
I am sorry for your loss

I have been absent from this forum for many years, but have always thought fondly of it and of Mac. I am devastated to hear of his passing and am thankful for the time I knew him. RIP Mac, thank you for everything.

Jeff Zucker


OMG...after couple of minutes i`m still speechless......Rose,guys,sorry for finding out so late.I consider myself one of the first posters on this forum when Mac made the transition from Mirafiori back then.I even remember him asking permission to the mirafiori guys so he can start an X19 only forum worried that it may cause some "damage" to the other forum by taking some of us from mirafiori.So i`m gonna say i knew him,not the way i would have liked to,but i think i did even thou i`m for far away Puerto Rico like some other forum members that i carried over here.Even on early novemember i was at BFI and spended some time explaining another fellow forum member who Ian Macintosh is/was.He didn`t knew and i fell in the oblogation of telling him about our founder and great friend Mac.
I still treasure and still keep Macs Fiat pin collection that he very kindly found for some of us while in UK and that he personally made sure i did get it,never pretending for me to pay him.Thats the way im going to always remember him,the big skinny guy with a big heart.
Im sure we are gonna keep this place running,as a tribute to him and all the new friends we have made here during the yrs.Thanks to this forum i have made new friends and meet personally many of you.

Rose my deepest thoughts are with you and Macs mother Leslie from the bottom of my heart.

Rest in peace Mac and may his legacy live forever between us,lets keep this brotherhood going for good...i know thats what he would have liked us to do.

Kevin B (Asheville NC)

I found Xweb V1.0 back in 2002 while shopping for an x. I bought a car from here in October 2002, and remember well, how excited Mac was for me in rediscovering an earlier me.

I have struggled with the dark demons for most of my life....

Mac, you were a friend to all here, loving all without question...

You are missed, my friend. I only hope that you now are able to tool around heaven in your x, at peace with your demons.

Your friend,

Rose: I know he love you with all his heart. If there is anything I can do, please let me know. --Kevin


'76 & '85
I saw this pretty early on and have delayed responding all this time because words seem so inadequate.

I didn't know Mac personally but from his writings here and our exchanges offline it was clear that he was an exceptionally gentle soul, the likes of which the world is sorely lacking these days.

I know that he was deeply affected by the suffering and death of his father but it seemed as though he was buoyed by the job at Boeing and his relationship with you, Rose. From his writings it was very clear that he loved you deeply and that your love meant the world to him. I'm sorry that the demons that tormented him stole him from you, and from the rest of us. He, and everyone who loved him, were blessed by your being in his life, doing what you could to help him stand against the darkness that haunted him.

The sentiments expressed here are just a small token of the affection felt for Mac. The world is an emptier place now, but we are all richer for having been touched by his presence. My deepest condolences to you and Mac's family. You are in my prayers.

Mac, here's hoping you now have the peace you sought and deserved.



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My Memories of Mac

Rose, I am very saddened to hear this horrible news. Suicide is so devastating for those left, my sincere condolences to you and Ian's family. Thank you for staying with him and, as others have mentioned, don't blame yourself. He will be very much missed by all who interacted with him in real life and in this virtual world he created that is such a wonderful resource for all of us who enjoy X 1/9s.

I met Mac in Seattle a few years ago on my way back home on an epic road trip after buying my second X 1/9 in Cathedral City, Ca. He was so passionate about the cars it was contagious! He gave me a goody bag with some SeaX things and I still proudly wear the T shirt that was in it. It has more special significance now.

Peace to you now Mac, forever!