In memory of our founder, Ian "Mac" McIntosh


X1/9 Time
So Sorry For Your Loss...

To all that knew him, loved him, and supported his cause. It comes as a shock and a loss to this community. He will be deeply missed!
May his legacy live on...



X-less, but looking

I am in total disbelief. There are a few times in my life I cry. This is one of them. I go waaay back here with Xweb, as a matter of fact, one of my earliest posts is on the first page of saved threads dating back in 99. This place was a second home to me in many ways. I owe Mac alot. More than I can ever know. We never met in person, but we knew each other on line. We sparred a bit about the future of Xweb and stuff, but even though I played the bad guy(I admit it), I had a deep respect for him and what he created. He's been through real tough times, and we talked about it.
I just learned about his death, and just can't grasp......

I'll alway have a home here because of what he created.
Thanks Mac,


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I'm deeply sorry for your loss and don't know what to say. I first met Mac on Mirafiori years ago and truly enjoyed his conversations.

This is very sad news and I still can't believe it. The Fiat world has lost one of it's great ones.


A trillion words spring to mind.


Ian you will be missed. A bunch.

Rose and Family my condolences and know the fact
that many are grieving with you.

Who are we to question the Creators Master Plan ?

In this little part of the world with Italian sportscars and X 1/9's Ian had
a vision. His vision will live on here. It cannot be extinguished. Impossible.
It is entertwined in the fabric of this group and has evolved into what we see now.
His hobby took roots and flowered. He created good.

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Has the sickness
condolences from another seax1/9 member...

I'm late in posting because I don't know what to say... I am sadenned and at a loss, I'm sure not to the extent as those closer to Mac...

I only knew Mac as the charismatic, easy going, lovable Xhead who founded this incredible online family and community. For that we've all given thanks, because this site is a meaningful part of our lives. A part that we enjoy to the fullest, in the best kind of juvenile gearhead garage rat dreamlike kind of way....

To his family, I want you to know that Mac really made a difference here. We wouldn't be here without him, and the community and friendships he made here make our world a better place. His creation has given birth to numerous worldwide friendships (and healthy obsessions). No small matter.

My favorite personal memory of Mac is a post from quite a few years back, when he had recently gone on a cruise around the puget sound with Rose around the holidays...i think new years. He fondly recounted the having a great time with fellow Seattlites, celebrating life and new beginnings with a few beers and some Bob Marley...

I hope you're up there cruising in the clouds with great company, in peace my friend,

-Alex Eddington


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One of the reasons I have an X1/9 now is because of this community that Mac created. It was truly a gift he gave to us. Bless you Mac.

Joe F

Hi Miles, Lo Maintenance

My sincerest condolences to all that have known Mac.

The X-1/9 community as a whole owes Mac a debt of graditude for giving us the opportunity to divulge in our passion for all things X. He had the vision and insight to see that X-web had great potential, and he made sure it lived up to it.

We are all saddened, but at the same time we all owe it to Mac to see that his creation never falls short of his vision.

Thanks Mac, and rest in peace.


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R.I.P. Mac

My condolence's to Rose and to Ian's family.
This forum Mac created give's me something to look forward to everyday and for that I thank him.

Erk Thaysen


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To the McIntosh family: My name is Peter D'Amore or "PeteX1/9" on XWeb and I just want to say how deeply sorry I am for your loss and my heart bleeds for your family. I never had the privilege of meeting "Mac" in person but have only heard amazing things about him. I've only been a member of XWeb for the past year but what Mac created is nothing short of legendary. The XWeb members including Mac are my family as our cars are and we all spend everyday sharing something that is so close to our hearts. Mac will be remembered forever and missed terribly as his wealth of knowledge and zest for life will go down in history. Peace Mac, 'PeteX1/9



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Oh, Rose. I am so sorry.
I am in shock at this news. I only knew Mac from here over the last couple years and never really well beyond the screen, but his presence, dedication and love of this board and our shared joy/ passion was always clear.

In echoing all of the comments and feelings that are being poured out her, this is a loss that is deeply felt and I feel priveledged to be a part of a group, a community, and a family that he built.

My sincerest thoughts and prayers to you, the rest of his family and his "family" here.

Be at peace Mac.
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The Iron Monkey
This is so terribly sad. I came around after a few months away from these forums and I run into this. A huge shock.

When I first came to these forums a few years ago there was a lot of discussion about Macs "retirement" etc. I wrote a private message to Mac, which he soon answered and we exchanged a few messages. He came through as a deeply caring soul and, as troubled as he was by the situation, he still kept a sense of humor and peace.

I never met Mac in real life, but I feel a great sense of loss. To his family and close relatives, my deepest sorrow on your (and ours) loss. He will never be forgotten, and live in our memories and hearts forever. To Rose, just a big hug.

Mac, for you, eternal peace. Miss you.



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Sincere Condolences

I am deeply saddened at the loss of Ian. His work and dedication to the forum is singularly unique and successful. The community of the forum and the fact that it represents the best single collection of the information about the X1/9 on the entire web, hands down, is testament to Ian and will continue on for hopefully many years. Thanks Ian.

I never met "Mac" in person but had rather extensive correspondece in email with him. He always had an attitude of thoughtfulness and reconciliation and genuine care for people, X enthusiasts, and the forum. I always admired him for being able to handle all the issues that came his way. He handled them with grace and composure.

He will be sorely missed, and I am both shocked and saddened by the loss.

Peter Mahr

Daily Driver
So sorry to hear about Mac's passing

I met Mac at Waynes Fiat gathering a few years ago. He has touched more people than most. Every time I look up something on the Xweb I will think of him. Peace be with him.
Peter Mahr, Green '74 in Portland OR

John Allen

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I have waited a while to try and put my thoughts to words, finding the right ones have proved to be difficult. I have been away from the forum for too long and I, just by chance, checked in and read the very sad news.

I would like to say “I’m sorry and so sad” to you, all of you who have been brought here and touched by Mac’s life. For those who have never met him in person, you have missed out on meeting a truly unique and inspiring individual. From the first time we met I was taken in by his enthusiasm and energy – it was over the top and contagious…. You couldn’t be in a room with him and not feel like the world just sped up.

He was also a very selfless and giving person. At our first meeting, a group of us went back to his place in Rainier and we all chatted for hours. He was fascinated with my car, a Lancia Scorpion, and before I left he told me I needed some trim parts he picked up in England and wouldn’t consider taking anything for them. Yes, I still have those parts. He was like that though. He would give stuff away while his car needed attention, all to continue the cause….

If it weren’t for this website, many of the people I consider my closest friends I would have never met. I’m indebted to him more than he knew.

I, like many here, have personally experienced the same type of loss as Rose and Leslie have. I’m not going to go into details, because that is not important and no two instances are the same and I would not want to suggest that any of us know what they are going through. Please grieve and don’t feel you have to hold anything in or wonder when the pain goes away.

To Rose, I don’t know what to say except you can rest assured that Mac loved you very much. I can’t remember ever having a discussion with him or a forum post where you weren’t mentioned or the topic of the discussion. You appear to have a good network of close friends and coworkers; I believe you will get the support you need to help you through these tough times. Don’t be a stranger and make sure to pop in and post your thoughts and adventures sometime. You are always welcome.

To Leslie, there are no words I can say to comfort you in this time of loss. No parent should have to bury their child. It’s my hope that you have friends to help you out and that you find the strength to continue. If you ever need anything or help, do not hesitate to reach out on this forum. I have no doubt that several people would step forward if you asked. Have comfort in knowing that his vision and enthusiasm will live on with this weird and unique group he helped get together.

We have all lost a great personality and the world is now a little blander. Never forget who it was that brought us all here together.

-John Allen
Tacoma, WA
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So sorry to hear of this news. I have been on/off this forum for years and still consider the format the best of any in the hobby. While I never met Mac personally he was the first to add me as a "friend" on this forum which gave me a great feeling about him and the people here. Having lost my father last year at this time, I can certainly relate to how painful that can be. He made such a positive impact to this community. He will be missed and will never be forgotten.

Tom in NJ


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I came back to the forum a few days ago...

and read what had happened, and even now I can't seem to find words that could even begin to describe what I feel - and I know that all of that pales to what you, Rose, and Leslie must have had to deal with - and still do. So many have aptly said many of the things going through my mind and heart. Know that he was well loved and respected and remembered - and still is!

Ian/Mac's Mom

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very touched by..

I'm very touched by all your comments and tributes to my son Ian/Mac, this group meant so much to him, and he always tried to keep the "peace" between everyone and just focus on the love of the little X1/9. It warms my heart to read all your responses and caring words, thanks so much, and I'm sure Ian will live on in all our hearts, Leslie.