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Discussion in 'Discussion Forum' started by aarpcard, May 15, 2018.

  1. aarpcard

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    I probably could have search a little harder for this information, but figured I'd just ask as what information I have found has been a bit confusing.

    Did the X1/9 come from the factory with an antenna hole?

    Are there multiple sizes of antenna holes found on X1/9's?

    All X1/9 antenna's I've found are for 9/16" holes. The antenna holes on both of my X's are considerably larger. Both are probably about 1.125" to 1.25" (I measured them but don't recall what it was exactly.) I bought am antenna from MWB intended for a 9/16" hole and was able to get it to fit with a homemade adapter. I'd much rather use a properly sized antenna. Does anyone know of any sources for a stock style X1/9 antenna intended for installation with the larger style hole?

    EDIT: If this belongs in the Workshop forum, feel free to move it - thanks.
  2. dllubin

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    My 74 did not come with any antenna holes. Most of the dealer installs back then used a rather ugly antenna that mounted on the passenger A pillar (non retractable). I mounted my retractable antenna on the right rear fender.
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  3. Dr.Jeff

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    Don't know if this helps any, but have you seen the somewhat related discussion here...

    It seems from that discussion that antennas were a dealer installed item? So that might have a bearing on what was installed and what size hole was made? However the wire harness connections for the power antennas were from the factory and located by either rear fender well (depending on the year), so maybe the hole did to?
  4. geekdaddy

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    The antenna hole in my 81x was clearly not a factory install. It looks like the dealer chewed the hole open with his teeth -- I had to clean-up the edges etc when I had the car repainted a few years ago.
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  5. Dr.Jeff

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    I took a look at the antenna holes on both of mine.
    The '79 has a 1" hole that is definitely not stock. Or at least not in its current state; it is rather roughly cut and not very round. I suppose it could have been a stock hole that was enlarged (crudely). When I bought the car it had lots of added electronics; a old school 'car phone' with two large boxes / cell antenna on the trunk lid (another crude hole cut there) / cables / mic & speaker / phone cradle / etc., and the remnants of a aftermarket stereo system with speaker cut-outs / cables / amp mounts / aftermarket power antenna / etc. And the wiring was spliced up to install all this stuff.
    The '85 has a 13/16" hole that appears very 'factory' to me. I got this car with a full aftermarket stereo system installed, including the power antenna.
    No idea what was originally in either of them.
  6. AKimball92

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    My car has a electronically retractable antenna poking through the left fender. The motor and mounting can be see in the rear trunk mounted just behind the wheel well, similar to the jack on the right side. I haven't worked to see if it functions but I will definitely get it going. Funny part is, my car has no radio and looks to never have had a radio...
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