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Discussion in 'Discussion Forum' started by WildWilly, Aug 7, 2019.

  1. WildWilly

    WildWilly True Classic

    Hi guys, a week or so ago I had a post about using a craft pen to paint the silver onto the interior vents. I gave it a go today on a spare vent (just in case it didn't work). Here is the result after 3 coats of silver paint.
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  2. WildWilly

    WildWilly True Classic

    Whoops, here are the pics. IMG_2814.JPG
  3. WildWilly

    WildWilly True Classic

    Here is the vent... IMG_2815.JPG
  4. Jeff Stich

    Jeff Stich True Classic

    Norco, CA
    I did the same thing years ago on my old '74X. Worked great & easy to touch-up when needed! ;)
  5. twincam69

    twincam69 True Classic

  6. Smaugz

    Smaugz Don Moreau

    Well done!
  7. WantAnX1/9

    WantAnX1/9 Stuck in gear, leaking fluids, fire in progress...

    Looks awesome.

    Great way to reclaim interior parts thought to be "lost". Give them a new lease on life, and freshen up the interior.
  8. AKimball92

    AKimball92 True Classic

    I think mine are pretty sad looking, no cracks just no silver either. I will have to get one of these too! Thanks for the tip!
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  9. WildWilly

    WildWilly True Classic

    I'm thinking I will also get some 3000 grit sandpaper to use as well, make them nice and smooth and do several coats.
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  10. Dan Sarandrea (Phila)

    Dan Sarandrea (Phila) Waitin' On Parts...

    Philadelphia, PA

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