Jay gave the X Nineteen a shout out...

Discussion in 'NFC Forum' started by DR1553, May 1, 2018.

  1. DR1553

    DR1553 True Classic

    Shout out at 2:30....

    Unghhhh. The face he makes....lol.
  2. autox19

    autox19 True Classic

    East Lansing, Mi
    Someone needs to contact him about the k20 x. Give his shogun a run for its money.

  3. Jeff Stich

    Jeff Stich True Classic

    Norco, CA
  4. Dr.Jeff

    Dr.Jeff True Classic

    Sin City
    Regarding the use of "X nineteen" to refer to the X1/9 reminds me. Back when the X first arrived to the US market, a friend of mine referred to it as the "X one ninth", as though it was a fraction. I suppose you could also call it the "X one over nine".
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  5. Andy

    Andy True Classic

    Medford, Oregon
    X 0.11111...
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