Lancia Montecarlo Spider 1975

Discussion in 'X1/20 Forum' started by Hermanzini, Oct 10, 2018.

  1. Hermanzini

    Hermanzini Daily Driver

    This is a car i bought off eBay 11 years ago, it was an italian car used in hillclimbs.(hence the roll cage).
    The body was in good shape for a MC, but the engine was seized so I changed that for an Abarth 130TC unit.
    I used the camboxes, oilsump and oilpump from the MC engine, because of the engine tilt.
    This car was also equipped with the Alquati kit with cams, intake manifold, twin 40mm DCNF’s and sports exhaust.
    The interior was missing the drivers seat and handbrake, the carpet was cut to fit the rollcage.

    The car has been on the backburner for too long, so I am getting back into it now.

    The dreamcar arrives!(back in 07)
    Nice combo, RR and MC
    New pininfarina badges and 8x15” pepperpotts.
    Ditched the original alternator bracket for a fiat 124 spider unit, much lighter and looks better. Had to make a new hole in the Abarth block
    Overhauling the DCNF’s, started with an ultrasonic bath.


    Ready to be installed.
    The car now.
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  2. ecohen2

    ecohen2 True Classic

    Arlington Va
    I had one for years.... I loved that car...
  3. JimD

    JimD Waiting for Godot... Moderator

    Missouri, USA
    Good luck with your project! :)
  4. Dr.Jeff

    Dr.Jeff True Classic

    Sin City
    Very nice car (and tow vehicle). What were those wheels on it in the first pictures (before the Pepper Pots)?
  5. Hermanzini

    Hermanzini Daily Driver

    They are Teyac 7x15”, they kind of look like wolfrace I think.
  6. kmead

    kmead Old enough to know better

    Nice, looking forward to seeing your future updates.
  7. Hermanzini

    Hermanzini Daily Driver

    here is a better photo of the Teyac Wheels

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  8. motoTrooper

    motoTrooper True Classic

    Thanks for starting up this thread Roar, nice introduction. You have a great place to build your cars!
  9. Chad C.

    Chad C. True Classic

    Eugene, Oregon
    Glad it's getting back on the road, thanks for posting it. I also have the Alquati dual DCNF & 40/80 cam combo, but I see the stamping on your intake manifold appears to be Monte-specific, whereas mine is stamped "Cremona" where yours is stamped "Beta M.C." I've read that there's a carb height difference between some intakes, but mine fits in my car just fine. Any thoughts on that?

    Did the 124 alternator bracket help prevent the carb manifold from conflicting with the alternator? That was an issue with my installation that got solved by modifying the alternator bracket to lengthen it enough to push the alternator forward toward the bulkhead and just a bit through it with the help of the tin snips.

    Any specs on the 130tc motor? That seems an awesome option to format for use in the Monte, post up more pics & info as soon as you can : )
  10. Hermanzini

    Hermanzini Daily Driver

    Thank you

    I am very pleased With the garage, when we moved to this house 12 years ago I made sure that there was enough space to build a big garage! :)
    It is 70 square meters, (10mx7m) and 5m high to make Space for a car lift in the middle.
    I was tired of laying around in the gravel working on cars and renting a garage far away from home, now the garage is 10m away. Really Nice!

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  11. Hermanzini

    Hermanzini Daily Driver

    Maybe the Alquati manifold you have is ment for the Beta front engined cars..? They have the same enginetilt but maybe slight differences wth height, water and vacuum outlets..?

    The alternator bracket was swapped mostly because it is a lot of unnecessary weight (that thing weighs a LOT), and the crearence issue. The 124 spider bracket is made in aluminium and much smaller, you must drill a hole in the block to fit it though.

    The 130TC engine has larger valves and ports for better flow, it also has the lightest flywheel of all the Fiat/Lancia Twincams. Original output is 130 hp with great potensial for more, with just tinkering with the carburetors

    This is the 130TC engine when i got it.
    The MC alternator bracket
    The 124 bracket
    The engine mock-up to see what it will look like finished. looks powerful!

    The Montecarlo with Speedline Montecarlo wheels, 8x16".

    I also did some other mods, like 4 piston wilwood big brake kit and coilover kit++

    I am holding up the original disc for comparison with the Fiat Coupe 20VT disk mounted on the MC.
    Comparison koni vs hydrasports coilovers from Vick autosports
    old pic of the MC with E30 conversion lights.
  12. Chad C.

    Chad C. True Classic

    Eugene, Oregon
    What's the latest here?

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