Lancia Zagato '81 A/C control


uh, maybe
Hi All!

I disposed of my Zagato some time ago, but I just found (in my very well-organized parts room) a nice-looking A/C control panel for that car. I don't know what else this might fit, but all the buttons are free, the temp control moves easily, the fan switch seems ok. However, I noticed when posting the pictures that one of the cable stays is broken (see the red arrow.) If you can fix this and make use of it, it's yours ($0.00) plus shipping costs (certainly fits in a USPS small box.)





Chris Obert

autocrosser, X driver
The pushbutton part is a GM unit, long ago discontinued. Well worth the price for anyone with an air conditioned car.


True Classic
Chris, that push button section looks like the one used on a AC equipped X1/9? If so it shouldn't be difficult to swap that portion into a X control panel.