Lightened rear trunk lid


True Classic
I had a spare so thought I would sacrifice it for the good of the forum.


Cut off all the bracing. Although around the edges it's still double skin.


All the bracing piled up on the workbench


This says it all, removed four pounds. I do have to brace the two pockets for the hinge plates and I use a racing locking pin instead of the stock latch.


True Classic
It's clearly more flexy than with all the bracing but I don't think it will flex when on the car. I once de-braced a 128 hood and I could watch that thing flutter all over the place as I drove it.

I am not going to try this on the front hood as it's massive and needs the bracing. I could drill the crap out of the bracing but I think the results would be more cosmetic than reduce weight much.

You can take decent weight out of the engine cover just by removing the rain tray which is very easy as you just have to drill out all the rivets.