Lou Ames 1933-2014 Passed away. He was a legend on the VARA tracks


True Classic
Sad to report that my buddy Lou Ames (not his real name but he didnt tell everyone that) passed away in February of Cancer. Sorry I didnt get around to saying much as this year has been super busy. Some of you may recognize him for he used to come to the Best of France show every year to sell parts. Lou, if you knew him was very well respected driver on the VARA race tracks. He never let lack of money stop him. In his later years he lived in a trailer and lived on a Social security income and still managed to keep racing. Even though his 850 had one third the power of most of the competitors, he was always given kudos for not getting tangled in accidents. The most that ever happened to him in all those years of racing was an occasional off track jaunt. I believe he raced up until the 2012 season.

Lou started vintage racing before they called it Vintage racing. He has raced with the likes of Parnelli Jones and Steve McQueen. Lou told me that he first started racing in 1952. Those paying attention thats 60 years racing.

Over the past 5 years I had been Helped him to sell off couple of cars and below I have attached some pictures. Lou had a really cool 850 that was turned into a dedicated race car. He always had his little dog Jumpin Jack Flash at the races and at the car shows with him. And loved all kinds of cars. He has had some of the expensive exotics as well as several Alfas and X 1/9s. Below you will see I took some pictures the day his Fiat 850 was loaded up at California Shipping on its way to the Isle of Man where its new owner races it.
Lou was a fighter. Last time We saw each other he had just had surgery. Was using a Cane and had an Oxygen bottle and at 80 was still driving a Stick shift. One of the last pics I took of Lou was in his X 1/9 as he road off into the sunset holding up a fist full of cash. It was his way saying thanks for helping him I guess.
Got to love him.