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Discussion in 'In Memoriam' started by roadster27, Nov 12, 2012.

  1. Mickey Dale

    Mickey Dale True Classic

    That's very sad news indeed. Mark was always kind, helpful and eager to help, sharing his immense wealth of knowledge and his talents with anyone and everyone. He'll be sadly missed, but most of all he'll be remembered fondly.

    My thoughts are with those who knew him personally, and I'd like to offer sincere condolences to his family and friends.

    With love and respect.

    Mickey x
  2. Yves

    Yves True Classic

    RIP Mark

    Mark, Repose en paix ...
  3. m5art

    m5art True Classic

    so sad...

    carpe diem, as you newer know how long...
  4. ianlawson

    ianlawson ian - NZ

    So sorry to hear this....!

    ......a very skilled and pleasant man to deal with! Sadly missed!

    Ian - NZ
  5. roadbox

    roadbox True Classic

    Rockville, MD
    I was saddened to read about Mark's passing this morning in several posts on Facebook, and now here. Though I only knew Mark through three or four emails we exchanged and his posts here on the Xweb, his technical skill, generosity, and kindness were clear. I will also be forever grateful for the innovations he brought to our little community of car lovers, and that a piece of Mark lives on in my car.

    Peace and comfort to Mark's family.

    John O.
  6. rachaeljf

    rachaeljf True Classic

    Northampton UK
    Rest in peace Mark

    Very sad day. My condolences to Mark's family and to those close to him.

  7. JDExSquid

    JDExSquid Not quite a Daily Driver!

    Stockbridge, GA
    RIP Mark. May your family find comfort in the Lord.

    I regret not being able to meet him in person, but the little exposure I had of him revealed Mark to be a kind, upstanding gentleman. We have so little time to enjoy each other's company.....
  8. MarkF

    MarkF Administrator Moderator

    Redmond/Chelan, WA
    What sad news. Mark was there at the early days of Seattle X1/9. That's him in red talking to (I think) Wayne Wright, and across the table from Ulix and some other folks I can't identify anymore.

  9. Holgi

    Holgi Low Mileage

    The news was quite a shock to me. My condolences for his family. Though I have not met him in person I got Mark to know as a dedicated engineer.
  10. mblommel

    mblommel True Classic

    Winter Park
    My condolences...

    Mark was a great guy, and I know he's in a better place now. Rest easy friend, you won't be forgotten.
  11. Rupunzell

    Rupunzell Bernice Loui

    Mark and I met some years ago here on Xweb. He sent me a note and told me about himself, what he did and his other interest. Mark figured out that we shared an engineering history and from that, we shared numerous email exchanges during the years hence. Mark had a number of clients in Silicon Valley and most every time he came to visit we would get together for dinner and chat about cars, engineering, technology and life.

    I will always remember Mark as a very generous member of the human family and gifted engineer who made contributions in the world of medical devices and to the x1/9 community.

    Given that we had two significant members of Xweb pass, would it be possible to add a memorial page for Mac, Mark and others of the x1/9 community?

    The last x1/9 Mark worked on and finished was the green 74’ which was sold to ?
    Could who ever is the current owner try to preserve it in Mark’s memory?

    What can we do as a group to help Carol and others close to Mark?

  12. Black-Tooth

    Black-Tooth Tony Natoli

    Tears and blessings go out to Carol...

    and his family. I've read all that has been written here and really can't add anymore than my acknowledgement as well.

    What a wonderful man to have known... I look forward to seeing him again one day.
  13. Karfrik

    Karfrik Albert

    FtWorth Texas USA
    RIP Mark....
  14. Our thoughts to his family and friends

    Even when it is expected, ultimately it is still sad news.

    Although I never met or conversed with Mark we benefit from his engineering brilliance. Our X is fitted with his front strut bearings (as was our rally X in Australia) and his uprated strut tops. Thank you Mark!

    You will be missed.
  15. SpidArman

    SpidArman Collector of wayward cars

    Mount Bethel, Pa
    RIP Mark...

    Though I never met you in person, you were always there to lend a hand on the phone or over mail. Thanks for your efforts to help us all no matter how near or far...

    To his family: He was a great man that gave us all some inspiration on many levels. I am truly sorry for your loss.

    He will be missed.

    My next drive in the X will be dedicated to you. Thanks Mark.


    Arman Labrada
  16. Coupefan

    Coupefan True Classic

    S. California

    I've been off the site for a few days and just found out. I always enjoyed reading his technical write up's. He was a very knowledgable man, and I'll miss his mechanical tweaking that he freely shared with others, adding to our collective enjoyment. My condolences to the family.
  17. Express my condolenses... marks freinds and family. Truly sad times.

    I agree, it would be a good addition to this website to make an "In Memory" section.

  18. Yves

    Yves True Classic


    "In Memory section"
    I agree.
  19. olerascal

    olerascal True Classic

    Damascus Oregon
  20. Rooster

    Rooster piccole ma cattive

    Northwood, NH
    My prayers are with Marks family and while I never met him, yet he was a friend and a mentor.

    Godspeed my friend.

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