miracle chemicals for smoking motor?

Discussion in 'Workshop Forum' started by carl, Nov 2, 2019.

  1. carl

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    Just picked up a car with 146,000 miles and it appears to smoke out the exhaust on accel. I'll get to the source later but wonder what magic elixirs I could try in the interim. I think there is a BG product that some folks have used with some success.

    My expectations are low but what the heck.

    Hey this post is just as relevant to X1/9s as they are to the dreaded M car, I don't know the general tone on Miata.net yet and I do sadly trust you guys.
  2. twincam69

    twincam69 True Classic

    image.jpeg This works. You need to use it instead of your regular oil
  3. Dr.Jeff

    Dr.Jeff True Classic

    Sin City
    Not sure that anything will eliminate the burning of oil in a worn engine, but the post by Twincam69 reminded me. Back when I rode two-stroke dirt bikes with pre-mix fuel/oil, I used synthetic oil and there was virtually none of the typical exhaust smoke. Obviously it was still burning the pre-mixed oil, but something about that oil did not produce the usual visible smoke. So possibly there are oils that will not be as noticeable when they burn (which is what I assume the referenced product is). Of course you know what is really needed to fix it.

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