Mirafiori Oregon Event Dates!


True Classic
Get your vacation requests in, Oregon 2020 is set.
We have the facility at Howard Prairie Lake in Beautiful Southern Oregon for August 3 through August 9.

Monday through Thursday is for the Early Birds, Thursday through Saturday night is the main event. Sunday morning is clean up and departure.

Please consider suggesting activities for the event. As much as I would like to bring back the autocross event there are a lot of unknowns at this point. The County seized the facility back from the contract holder because they didn't pay their rent. If the track comes back to an affordable rate perhaps we can give it a go. I'll keep everyone in the loop as details emerge.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in August!


True Classic
Hey folks,

Just a quick note on the event. As I am sure you are all aware, things are different this year.
The event is happening (August 3-9), but will be pretty much event free. No track day, no spaghetti dinner, no community camp fires.

Recently our Governor required everyone to wear face masks outside (as well as inside) when social distancing cannot be maintained. The kitchen is also closed. If you come please be prepared to cook all your own meals and follow Oregon Covid practices.

I'm not expecting very many folks, but I know a few of the die hards will show up.
Hopefully next year we can get things back to normal (what ever that was).



True Classic
Clarification on Kitchen closure. It is closed for communal meals.

The kitchen is available for personal use, please be sure to thoroughly clean the area when you finish cooking.
The county has set a limit of 13 people at a time inside and 42 folks in the dining area.

Attendees will also need to register with me upon arrival so we can collect contact info for contact tracing if needed. I have an RV this year so will be camping up in the RV area.

There are limited resources this year. The store and restaurant at the Resort are closed, as are the gas pumps. According to the county ice and firewood is available from the camp host. Hyatt Lake resort has a small store, and restaurant as is open. Lake of the Woods Resort is also open, they are about 30 miles away toward Klamath Falls. They have a store, restaurant, (and pizza) and gas ($5.50 a gallon).

The weather should be nice, it's been hot this week (105 in Medford as I write this) but should be 10-15 degrees cooler next week. This means 80s to 90s at the lake. Remember we are at 4500 feet in elevation so evenings/early mornings can be cool.

This shouldn't have to be said, but if anyone in your party is sick, please stay home and plan for next year!