Monte Carlo wiring harness?

Discussion in 'X1/20 Forum' started by RobM, Dec 26, 2017.

  1. RobM

    RobM Daily Driver

    northern NJ, USA
    I hope everyone had an enjoyable Hanukkah or Christmas! It's 22F here in northern NJ, so work on upgrading my Scorp's alternator is on hold. Therefore it's trivia time! Attached is a photo of a clipped piece of wiring poking though a nice grommet in the left corner of the engine bay on my '77 Scorp. I'm guessing it's a section of Euro market wiring not needed in the U.S. Question: IMG_0613.JPG Do all Scorps have this and does anyone know what its original purpose was?
  2. rachaeljf

    rachaeljf True Classic

    Northampton UK
    Hi Rob, did you ever get an answer to this? The colours look like those for the rear lights, but I also see those colours heading down to the bottom right of your photo.
  3. RobM

    RobM Daily Driver

    northern NJ, USA
    Just found your question - sorry it took so long! I suspect the cut wires are for the Monte Carlo taillights, and Scorpions used a different bulb arrangement. Any other explanation?
  4. Dr.Jeff

    Dr.Jeff True Classic

    Sin City
    This thread must be some sort of record for being the longest actively running, yet have the fewest posts. :D
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