MOST beautiful X1/9


Low Mileage
So everyone is going to post a pic of their own car?
Not necessarily, there are a lot a cars that look better than mine. In fact throughout this forum, I have seen many cars that are awesome, some were original some were heavily modified (inside and out). What looks good in your eyes?


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I really love this one, even though I would never make a lot of these mods to my own car. Everything's really tasteful--just a very cohesive set of tweaks to streamline and modernize the design. Fender flares especially are tough to integrate just right, but (imo) these look great. The wheels and chunky tires are dope, a lot like the wheel-tire combos that were on some 944s. I even like the rear-view mirror, despite preferring the funky through-glass look of the originals. No idea who owns it, who did the mods, or anything else, but every once in awhile I just stare at it and ponder doing silly things to my car.



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The green one above is from England and sports a 2L with a Volumex supercharger I believe.