Moxie Soda available and first taste review

Discussion in 'Discussion Forum' started by Eastep, Nov 4, 2018.

  1. Eastep

    Eastep True Classic

    Yesterday, while on our annual FCA events planning get togethe and driver; we de-toured to a local road side attraction: Mister Eds Elephant Museum. This is a candy-store/gift-shop in North Central PA, Just out side of Chambersburg. While in line to use the restroom with other Xweb-ers & FCA crew, I spotted a soda that had a very familiar name. Moxie! The legendary drink, favored by so many heads on Xweb. I quickly brought this to the attention of our group, and there was no way I was going to miss this opportunity. I promptly paid the clerk the over $3 for this innocuous glass bottle. A few moments later we gathered in the gravel parking lot passing the bottle around like kids who just found their dads bottle of cheap bourbon. I took the first swill of this mystical drink. As normal practice for me, I resist the compulsion to let my initial reaction affect my thoughts and I take a second mouth full, before passing the bottle. After we have all had a chug I ask the fellas "well..?" And with a look at each other and being the outspoken person I am. I opened the dialogue. "This is nasty AF!" It was about this time that I and another noticed a mildly stinging & slightly abrasive feeling on our tounges (kind of like swallowing cactus) and a peculiar after taste. For me, the flavor reminds me of a Russian soda I once sampled, which flavors were a blend of watered down generic Coke Cola, juniper berries with a hint of floor cleaner. I suppose its all personal preference as between the four of us who tried the drink, the likes to dislikes were split 50/50. Personally I don't get the hype about this stuff. I suppose its a generational thing or something. Any way, personal preference aside; I have included the contact info of this shop, so
    those who are nostalgic, have desensitized taste buds or just want to taste this infamous soda, can order some. This is the only place I have ever seen this drink, and the shop keepers seemed as though they would accommodate purchase requests. Please check out Mister Eds Elephant Museum and get your supply.
  2. JimD

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    I have tried both regular and diet Moxie. It is definitely an acquired taste, and I can't say I have acquired it. I think, much like Coke, Moxie was originally sold as a medicinal drink. Moxie tastes like it has stayed truer to its original medicinal formula. It is strong stuff.
  3. Dr.Jeff

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    I seem to recall "papa Tony" is a fan of Moxie soda(?). I'm sure he will chime in if he sees this thread.

    Personally I avoid all sugar beverages so I'm not qualified to comment on it. But the historical "medicinal" aspect is interesting. I fully believe there will be a day in the future when people will look back at most (all?) of the Rx drugs we use today and feel the same about the silliness of it all.
  4. Waterbury

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    There's been a can of Moxie in the shared fridge at work for about a month now (Carlisle, PA). Makes me wonder if they bought 2 and hated the first.
  5. dragonsgate

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    I have never tasted the stuff and only seen pictures of it but the first time I heard the name was around 1959 in a Mad magazine.
    They referred to it a lot back then in their humor.
  6. artz1731

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    Denver PA
    Yeah tasted it once, the stuff shouldn’t even qualify as a soft’s just nasty. Trust me I know, I drink two Mountain Dews a day ;)

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