My new Spider


Old enough to know better
Great car. Congrats on the hot new daily.

You will enjoy this car a great deal. My wife drives a ‘92 MIata which she loves, your car is everything the old Miatas were with the addition of comfort, real get up and go and an even easier to deal with top.

I am hoping for a new car this year as well, sadly it won’t be quite as single purpose as yours, we already have five sports cars...

Joe F

Hi Miles, Lo Maintenance
Nice ride. Sometimes I wish I got one instead of the Mustang GT...sometimes.


True Classic
Thanks guys. Since buying it, the weather in AZ has not been conducive for top down driving. We had almost 6" of snow in oro valley yesterday. But today is Super Sunny and a bit warmer, so it's "top-down with the heater on max weather".