Need Input: Wheel Offset / Spacer Questions

Discussion in 'Discussion Forum' started by lookforjoe, Jan 14, 2020.

  1. rx1900

    rx1900 1981 X1/9

    Sorry Jeff.......your statement is NOT correct...

    Hussein was very clear. He wanted to retain the SAME TRACK as he currently has. Of course "track" is defined as the distance from the centre of the tire tread on one side to the centre of the tire tread on the other side. If you dont believe me just google it. Thus of course changing to a wider wheel with the same offset will NOT affect the track !!!

    Therefore..if Hussein wished to "achieve the same track as i currently have" - he would retain his current spacer. My statements were correct.....

    Yes...of course....this would result in the tread of the tire being in exactly the same place as before. Of course the outer edge of the wheel itself - and the bead area of the tire - will now be 1/2" further outboard. Really just a visual thing and no change to tire/fender clearance.
  2. mkmini

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    like this :D

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  3. rx1900

    rx1900 1981 X1/9

    Hey Hussein. Hope you know that what you are doing is " not quite right"...

    A 205/50-15 tire should only be mounted on a 5.5" to 7.5" wide wheel. And a 225/45-15 tire should only be mounted on a 7" to 8.5" wheel.

    "Stretching" them onto 8" and 9" wheels - like you have done - it outside the design parameters of the tires.

    Just sayin.......
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  4. lookforjoe

    lookforjoe True Classic

    I've run them on the 8" wheels for the past couple years, since doing the Dallara body. ProbabIy 4K miles or so. I can't find a pic of the sidewall, I don't feel they were stretched. They handled very well.

    The rears are now stretched by comparison. I'll try to get a side by side pic.
  5. Coupefan

    Coupefan True Classic

    S. California
    Just a warning about spacers. I'm sure Searpent makes better products than the (likely Chinese) ones I had. Absolutely make sure the seats to the 4x98mm bolt holes have enough material behind them. The set I had sheared the seats out like the pop-out covers on an electrical box. The bolts were still in place, but the wheel/tire just pulled away and got lodged in the wheel well. This was on my 124 Coupe, running 7.5 x 15 with 205/50-15 tires. The spacers were 25mm. I'll post picks of the sheared seats later, I still have them. Incidentally, they failed at about 65 miles of use, I took the car to work the day after the Best of France and Italy car show, which was my first outing with the spacers
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  6. kmead

    kmead Over half way.

    What are you talking about?

    A little stretch never hurt anyone

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  7. Dr.Jeff

    Dr.Jeff True Classic

    Sin City
    Too funny Karl.
    Here are a couple examples that really make me wonder how far they went before it failed:

    toofar.jpg 2a333003be6c.jpg 7c447ec0760d6ad42fe9984ba04534cd.jpg 392229_1651066974365_1767734504_867695_302178931_n.jpg
  8. lookforjoe

    lookforjoe True Classic


    The new ones I bought for the rear are also 1.5", and made in USA. I'll see if I can gauge the depth of the stud seat area, I have a vivid mental image of what you are saying with the pop-out cover reference !

    I'll add some pics of my new & old fitment, just to bring this back to Fiat-based reality. The pics above make me nauseous :D
  9. carl

    carl True Classic

    The first pictures of the silver Toyota have me concerned because he used silver duct tape to attach the wheel flares. This looks like something I would have done!

    Apparently stretched rims are a "thing" and have no basis in function. I don't believe it has caught on in the US. Then again, maybe it's just for trailer queens that go to shows. Hard to believe a street car would pass safety inspection with wheels/tires like that.
  10. Dr.Jeff

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    Spacers or adapters under a certain width have a limited amount of material for the lug holes (to attach the spacer to the hub). Because there needs to be a hole deep enough for the head of the bolt to be recessed below the wheel mounting surface. Some come with reduced head height bolts, allowing for a shallower hole. Those will have more material under the bolt, and less prone to breaking. But obviously the quality of it makes a big difference.
  11. ricar

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    I think the problem is the term track. If used correctly, then using the same spacers with 1" wider rims will (both with zero offset) will leave the "track" the same but increase overall width 1". IF you want the outside of the tires to remain in the same position retaliative to the fender then it's not track that is the concern. If location compared to the fender is the question, track must be narrowed 1" or 0.5" on either side of the car to prevent rubbing. Track will then be 1" narrower but total width will remain the same and each wheel will have a full inch of extra meat on the inside of the wheel well.
  12. lookforjoe

    lookforjoe True Classic

    Indeed. What I really meant was that the tire outer wall would stay as it was with the narrower wheels, to avoid any possible contact with the fender. I think that since the sidewall is now 'tapered' it won't actually be an issue, however I will have to confirm that & have the spacer narrowed if there is a potential issue.

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