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Yes, I know this will come off as the strangest question (request?) so far of 2019. Ok, I swear I haven't been drinking, and I'm not on any illicit substances, but I can't remember the length of a late model X (I'm not near the car and no one is answering the phone at home to measure it, I'm trying to make an online purchase before noon my time) The figure on Wikipedia doesn't seem correct (13 feet?), it doesn't look right at all. Anyone have a measurement within a few inches? Thanks.



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This might be too late to help you. But it could depend on where you are measuring. So here is a picture that may help:
fiat-x-1-9 dimensions.gif


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3969mm = 156.26 inches = 13.02ft.... all give or take a bit on the rounding.

So... basically 13 feet. Wikipedia for the win?!?!?! :cool::D:p


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Thanks for all the help, but the outdoor custom storage tent I was looking at wouldn't have worked anyway. It turns out it wasn't the 16' advertised but 10'. It was a mistake.