New future owner of an X 1/9 in Madrid Spain


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so even taller! love tall tires on old cars..145\80 is what i have on my 128 coupe..with shorter tires she simply doesnt look right for me


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Good luck with the purchase, Bertin. I hope the car checks out and it all comes together for you. I live in Kansas City, but travel to Madrid often as my wife is from there. Her family lives in and around Madrid: Moncloa, Las Rozas & Torrelodones. Assuming this Covid-19 pandemic gets under control soon, we will be visiting Madrid in early August. Would love to meet you somewhere for a beer and to check out your X1/9!


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Madrid in Feb 19-22nd 2020 was the last time I traveled internationally before the pandemic really hit. :( I **ALMOST** extended my trip by one day to jaunt up to Circuit de Cataluyna to watch the F1 testing but I didn't end up doing that. Had a great couple of days in Madrid, met up with some good friends, and had some wonderful food. Spent a long afternoon just walking from where my meeting was held to about 4 km back to my hotel. The weather was gorgeous.

Oh I can't wait for this pandemic to be over.


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So, are you going to call it a Bertine x19? 😏
Yes...why not Bertíni XXX?...hehe... Bertin isn't my real name...but anyways...The owner sent me a crappy video that does not show the condition of the car...and he has no hurry in sending me any car documents or pictures not sure he is really interested in selling the car purchase getting the weather here in Madrid...we have had the biggest snow storm since ever....even 7 days after the snow storm, I am not able to for instance take the car to go shopping food. Many of the streets still have 50 cm deep ice/snow. We have 3 degrees during the day but -10 degrees celcius at night so the snow does not melt away and there is not enough snow trucks to remove the damn thing from the streets.....What a the only alternative is to walk...Hope that in Agust the situation is better.....including with the covid pandemic🥺😭😭


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Good luck with the purchase. If you haven't had one before, you'll never regret it, it's the most fun car in history. This one looks decent. Color scheme is 87? I had one like this. Soy de Cadiz, pero vivo en Virginia. He tenido muchos. A ver si algun dia nos vemos en Madrid.