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And I recognize the scenery in some of @Moretti Sportiva pics of his nice collection, welcome!


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Hi everybody, indeed I’m trying to find more information about the Moretti Sportiva I bought and most importantly how to find a 1000cc engine fir it. I already know that it was an option in those years to order it.
Will try to put the link if my pretty bleue Moretti but I’m nit well up in matters of informatics or computers

I own 4 Moretti Sportivas, and would consider selling some of them.
I can help answer any questions you have.
The period 1000 motor was a 985 cc Abarth motor, it is mentioned in the official brochures. Impossible (almost) to find these days.

I can provide a 1050 motor for it producing 70 hp, or more. I am presently building a 70 hp Abarth based motor for a client that should put out just over 105 hp.