No Reserve 1980 on BaT


Waiting for Godot...
Interesting paint scheme on the transmission. Red, blue, silver. Looks like a nice X, but it is so brown. :)


Old enough to know better
Some quick observations:
  • The CV boots are improperly installed on the short axle and the inner of the long axle. The clamps should be on those reduced diameter flats on the axles.
  • Some pretty good denting of the footwells left and right, likely easily pounded out.
  • Stupid 1.5 badge
  • All hoses look original as there is only one visible newer non OE hose clamp, the rest have original mileage patina. Not a big deal in my mind as they are an easy afternoon of work for the major ones.
  • Upper strut mounts will need to be replaced soon as they are up against the steel structure.
  • Sad seats, otherwise nice interior
  • The frunk was primarily repainted as the strut mount bolts are painted over and the paint is really shiny, I would want to see the inside vertical faces of the struts, ie right and left sides of the walls of the frunk.
This is a nice car. It would want to have a nice pair of dual carbs and some massaging of the engine done to make that advertised 1.5 very happy indeed.