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The 73 X 1/18....

Hi Mark, the 74 X 1/9 is really apparent from a design point of view. The transition is obvious. Major design improvements jumped off from the board onto the "19". Hard parts ? You are correct. Minimal commonality I am finding.

Probably preaching to the choir though, right ?

The REALLY biggey delta is the steering system. Ancient sector gear and pitman arm transitioning to rack-n-pinion.

- of course then there's the forward mounted cooling, and the, and the, and the, and the....Ha ha ha ha ha

'72 X 1/18


Bob Brown
Just an idea on the gray

But you get credit for the photo. I like the stance you picked.
I thought I'd reduce the brilliance of the image to see how it fits in with the title space, and the lighter shade is what I got.

Yes, Photoshop and me are buds. :) Thanks!

deadline design

'85 Bertone
"But you get credit for the photo." Ha Ha!!

Actually, Mark get's credit for the photo - Its his! Oops, did I commit plagiarism?? 10-to-life I think for that crime.....


True Classic
all the front brake components seem to be the same on the 850...:rolleyes: wheels fit too.....hmmm yea and badges....:p


Daily Driver
X19 parts on my 850

The following items from my X19 stash are are a straight plug in and are going on my 850:
1-1300 wiper motor
3-Steering wheel
4-Front calipers
5-Front Disc
6-Front pads
7-Red and yellow side marker lenses

Note: 850 lug nuts are coarse thread(1.5) like VW so I am using a VW part too