Official Member Car Picture Thread


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Show us pictures of your cars on this thread. We need a place to be
able to look and see what everybody else has got. Current cars only please. If that changes, update it. If you have a new acquisition, show it. Cheers.


Bob Brown
Photos of my X:

Mac-X photos:
As received:

And now...

For more Mac-X restoration photos and info, Click Here.
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True Classic
My first X1/9 named Zanardi

My current car Spiaggia
How I got her

Back home

Progress in the polishing of the paint

The inevitable

What she looks like now



Tony Natoli
Joe... I really like the body color on this BLUE car of yours...

... it really works.

Is the top body color also?


86X 22,000 miles

....must be playing with the editing feature ....cause the Tony I know would never find appreciation in the color blue, unless it were being represented as a lighter shade of black! :)


Tony Natoli
Nope... not this time... but hey...

... did ya see Rolf's ride above... is that a silver or blue... either way, the stance really enhances it.

Good eye Tom... and is that a Jag I see in your foto???

Joe F

Hi Miles, Lo Maintenance
Dare I say it, Tony?

The top on my my X is...uhhh let's see...I think it's blll...

Lets just say it's not BLUE!!!



Walt, X1t9, Abarth.
On hold ad the moment.
there wil be a mature update sone.

my daly driver, is a peugeot 205 1.9 gti


Hey Tony!!.. i thought you hated this kind of blue...

right Rudy?.....and many others!!! including myself.What made you change your color tastes???:nana:


Bob Brown
Hey Angelo, do you have

any pictures of your dash in your red racer? Postable?
Thanks in advance.