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Warning, this pic may be unsettling for some...

I happened upon the image below while doing a Google Image search for "Abarth Stradale" (not sure why this 500 was under that heading). I did not look into it to find out what caused this level of carnage. Frankly I don't want to know, but I'm guessing the tree to the right was involved. Appears to be in Italy. Very sad on many levels. But perhaps a strong reminder to drive responsibly.

Incidente Stradale mortale Filippo Cenni 25.jpg


True Classic
these stupid toys are killing lots of young people..just like uno turbos and renault 5 turbos when i was young..there is something really wrong in a system that produces dangerous toys for young people, knowing that many of them will driving them

Kevin Channer

True Classic
Driving as my daily driver a car that could be a clone of this one and the often seeing the results these type of accidents, it is a reminder of the fragileness life. We might easily presume that driver is a reckless kid, but it might just have been a middle age guy minding his business and driving the speed limit.