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It seems the Paypal page has changed and not for the better. I recently send money to a friend and did not get the option of just sending money or buying goods. As a result, when I sent the money the friend had to pay commission as if I had bought something. As I said, the layout of Paypal seems to have changed and I don't get the options to just send money. Am I doing something wrong?


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If sent as a gift there should be no commission charge unless it’s different in the US......


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My experience is that for friends and family on PP the sender or receiver pays the fee unless you are sending the money out of a balance on your Paypal account. I recently had a vendor tell me to pay "Friends and Family" since it is FREE!!. I explained that it isn't free on my end, and indeed, I had to pay the fees even though I sent the payment F&F. Sending payments F&F to sellers also has the issue of not having the PP payment protections of a typical vendor transaction. I wasn't happy about it, but I wanted the parts. :(


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My problem is I don't see the option for friends and family anymore.
It IS still there. Well at least it is up here. I'm sure it is down there too as I just got a "friends and family" payment a couple of days ago from a USA XWeb member.

I just tried again and it is indeed there. They just moved that option to the 3rd step of the sending process instead of at the first step. And yes...still free for both the sender ( but as always only if funds are coming from your Paypal balance or from your bank account ) and the receiver.

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I am in the middle of a dispute with pay pall.

I purchased a 600$ device and never received it. and pay pal will not get involved.