Performance build plan, now need a bit of advice?

Discussion in 'Front Wheel Drive Fiats' started by Kevin Channer, Apr 13, 2019.

  1. Kevin Channer

    Kevin Channer True Classic

    I have just done a quick assessment of my long term Strada project, and I realized the way forward is simple, as in keep it Simple, at least for now. So I will make it run and pass smog, put back on stock stuff. Then modify it with what I already have laying around : So I will use a 1300 Yugo head, a Weber 34 DAT (new) and a junkyard header. Add to that a Vicks hot street Cam. I guess the biggest question is who can do the head work? My goal is reliable, drivable, approaching 100 hp? IMG_0308.JPG IMG_0309.JPG ``````````````````````````` IMG_0310.JPG
  2. Kevin Channer

    Kevin Channer True Classic

    Oops meant to post in front wheel drive.
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  3. Dr.Jeff

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    Sin City
    Regarding head work, are you looking to do a stock rebuild/recondition, or porting/big valves/modification? Unfortunately I don't know of anyone that can help with any of it, I am just curious what your plans are.
  4. Kevin Channer

    Kevin Channer True Classic

    Hi Jeff, What I want is bigger vales and porting as described by Steve C in his " Ultimate SOHC" nothing too radical, just a build that would compliment the 34 weber, hotter cam and header
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  5. Dr.Jeff

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    Hopefully someone knows where to get good work done. Since the closing of "R&D" I don't know of any decent machine shops in SoCal that are knowledgeable about old Fiats, let alone any custom/performance work. But there must be because places like Allison Automotive has work done.
  6. fiatfactory

    fiatfactory Steve Cecchele

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    headers, cam and carb are not all you need... pistons to bump the static CR?

    I know with the head change you'll bump the CR due to no full circular decompression recess, but that will only give you 9.2:1 or there abouts with the large cast in flycut pistons as found in the 1500' wake the engine up you really need to get above 10:1

    that shouldn't affect emissions except perhaps to bump oxides of Nitrogen a little which is easy to cure for a smog test.

    Head work... post the yugo head over to me or I could start with a good core over seats / port / post back. PM me to discuss.

    Without head work you'll be limited in power output, but 100hp at the flywheel is certainly possible... especially from 1500cc ... IAVA did that from 1300cc and a single carb back in the 1970's...follow the same basic formula (cam / compression / valve sizes/ carb venturi sizes)


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