Petrolicious article on the Scorpion/Montecarlo


Darin Nelson
I'm sure you Lancia fans have seen this...

I love the opening sentence: "Some call it the rich man’s Fiat X1/9, others, the much poorer man’s Lancia 037, but I think it’s simply an approachable and relatively affordable entry into mid-engine motoring."

Loved the photos and the writing was pretty good. The pic with the owner on his white horse with the Scorpion in the background was most excellent!



Bernice Loui
There were two primary designers of the Beta Scorpiacarlo.

-Paolo Martin did the body designs and interior packaging. Pix with Paolo, Wife & MonteCarlo.
Paulo Martin & Monte.jpg

-Dr. Renato Sconfienza. The main engineer who did all the
layout/packaging/chassis/etc. work on the Monte/Scorp.

Another example of how the individual who creates the visual presentation and interior packaging that presents the
emotional effects of the design becomes memorialized as the designer with others involved often being forgotten.

-Re-post from the Lancia group... long ago...
"Scorpion/Montecarlo friends,

Great thread here. The main engineer who did all the
layout/packaging/chassis/etc. work on the Monte/Scorp was Dr. Renato
Sconfienza. He was chief engineer at Pininfarina from 1963 where his
first engineering project was the 330 GTE. He also did the
engineering on every Ferrari-Daytona/BB512/Testarossa/etc through to
the eighties (including the Cadillac Allante). His baby and one of
his favorite projects was the Montecarlo/Scorpion. I know this
because I had the pleasure of working with him at Ital Design
California (closed in 2002) where he was the Chief Operating Officer.
He always had great stories about the development of this Lancia (like
stopping production of the plastic parts the night before because he
found that the formulas he used were slightly wrong and needed
recalculation) as well as the Trevi, Beta, Gamma. He mentioned
Fioravanti's name when I asked him the same question.
When IDC closed in 2002 he went back to Italy to take a position back
at Ital Design. I don't know if he has retired or not. He is a very
warm-hearted and intelligent person who's hobby is physics and still
remembers fondly the days at Pininfarina.
I remember when he would get very excited when
I brought my 76 Scorpion to Ital Design Cal.when Isuzu and IDC built showcars together.

He said that seeing the car made him feel young again. He also said that Sergio Pininfarina
was so proud of that car that he wanted his name in script and the
badge located both of the sides of the car. I believe this was the
first Pininfarina design to do so. I had him sign the dash.
I thought I would share this story because of the thread and that so
many of you enjoy this car to this day. It's a design that still
endures after all these years. Also one that has over 20 patents on
it, including the bonded in windshield and roll back top and living
hinge top straps. I love these cars and feel very fortunate to have
met and worked with the man responsible.

Steve Jennes
Steve []
Assistant Chief Designer
Isuzu Motors America

77 Scorpion (in resto)
76 Scorpion (fuel injected 1800)
76 Scorpion (stock)
76 Montecarlo (Ex-Carrera Messicana Rally Car)
81 Beta Coupe---

Design excellence is often not recognized for their potential.


belle macchine!
Must be Monte month as there's another article in AutoItalia magazine (Issue 297 Nov 2020) here in the UK - 772 miles in 42 years, currently for sale for £25,000. Not free to download, but you can subscribe or maybe it's distributed in US?


Chad C.

True Classic
Well, that kept me from work for a bit... for me, the question is what exactly are each of the Group 4 specs pursuant to
FIA form #3074? I've wondered this for quite a while and always meant to see who might know...


Bernice Loui
Unless you're a factory race team with very specific race goals, those FIA specs mean little if anything at all.. unless one is into replication of a specific race car for ? reason.

~Better to "Enjoy the Ride."

Chad C.

True Classic
Which one of us wouldn't be curious about the Group 4 specs for our cars?


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