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Discussion in 'NFC Forum' started by Russe11, Mar 7, 2018.

  1. Russe11

    Russe11 True Classic

    Anybody ever make an X1/9-inspired Pinewood Derby car?
    Just wondering about proportioning it with a 7" wheelbase and 2.75" width (1.75 clearance between the wheels).

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  2. Pete Whitstone

    Pete Whitstone True Classic

    McKinney, TX
    No, but I did a top fuel dragster and an Indycar. Wish I had pictures of them. This was back when digital photography was the domain of the professional. The son I built them with turns 30 next week. :O

  3. Brayden_connolly

    Brayden_connolly True Classic

    My first year of scouts I started making one... Unfortunately Mad Matt took the project over and I had to build another car. ...and we forgot to finish it.

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  4. autox19

    autox19 True Classic

    East Lansing, Mi
    actually, with the basic style, it should work well being able to have more weight in the rear with the wedge shape.

  5. dragonsgate

    dragonsgate True Classic

    Odie beat me to it. You could really shave the front down with the bulk of the weight in the back with the X design.

    When my godson was in cub scouts I built a futuristic car for myself with the cab forward. It went down the track faster backwards than it did forward.

    The one my godson built 90% by his self was faster than mine. My car was one of the slowest but none of them had cool blinking colored lights.
  6. JimD

    JimD Waiting for Godot... Moderator

    Missouri, USA
    That happens a lot in PWD dragon. Placing the weight as far back as practical keeps it on the track's slope as long as possible. If you watch enough of the races (I have been a "track worker" on numerous occasions), you will start to notice the well made, rear weighted cars push ahead just as they exit off the slope. "Well made"as in lots of attention to detail on smoothing the nails used for axles and also de-burring the plastic wheels. I still some of my own Cub Scout PWD cars sitting around here somewhere. Here is my 1st that dad really built mostly. It was uncool in the looks department, but took 3rd IIRC. Wheels look a little banged up, but no rust! ;)
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  7. Russe11

    Russe11 True Classic

    Brayden, that's great. The inspiration behind it is clearly recognizable, even in unfinished state.

    A conference I go to every few years has a Pine Wood Derby contest, as a fun after-hours event. They run two categories: Traditional and Unlimited. The 'Traditional' follows the scout regulations, and the 'Unlimited' just requires it to fit the track like the traditional cars, to use the same starting gate mechanism, and no open flames (i.e. model rocket engines, etc.) are allowed. Some of the entries have been pretty creative.

    Honestly, I doubt I'll have time to build a car for it, but it sure would be fun to revisit that experience. If I do it, I'll style it like an X (and run in the traditional category). There may still be some PWD cars I built at my parents' house...

    Thanks everyone for sharing your memories.
  8. AKimball92

    AKimball92 True Classic

    A bit late but here is what I built, probably about the same time as this thread. I added a "Dallara" body kit to incorporate the wheels better.
    IMG-6309.JPG IMG-6310.JPG
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