Piston advice needed ...

Fred Cantin

Daily Driver
Hi all,

Winter is coming and with it my project to install a mild camshaft and higher-compression pistons. Vick Auto offers cast pistons while Midwest-Bayless offers forged ones (with rings and higher compression height than Vick's ones) at almost 4X the cost of Vick's.
What would be the best choice for street use? Are the forged pistons overkill? Would you know other retailers that offer domed or flat top pistons?




True Classic
You won't make enough power for it to matter. Decide on the compression ratio you want and go with what's available. It's that simple on a mild street build.


True Classic
For mild I'd personally find some OEM small fly cut European pistons. Having said that, I just picked up a block with Vicks pistons already installed.
If your plans are to turbocharge your X, go with forged pistons. As mentioned by our vendor above: your not going to make enough power for it to matter.