Plugs for bumpers filling and elephant ears

Discussion in 'Workshop Forum' started by Daniel Forest, May 17, 2019.

  1. Daniel Forest

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    In the recent years, a lot of members removed their 1500 cc bumpers for a cleaner look (no bumpers, euro bumpers, modified ones...). This is leaving a lot of holes on the top of the former bumpers and on the side (elephant ears). Many have filled the holes (body job) before a repaint, but some others just plug the holes with plastic or rubber plugs. I have tried 5 or 6 différents model/sizes with no luck. If you got pictures or just references of the part you used, I would be happy to learn about your experience.
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  2. Dr.Jeff

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    Naturally it is a personal taste thing. But I sort of feel adding a bunch of plugs to fill all the holes looks a bit tacky. However the option to properly fill them and refinish the paint is a big job, so I understand. I have seen some options that were different. One car had stainless steel button head bolts in the holes, then added more matching holes with the bolts to make it look like a row of rivets (sort of the old aircraft look). Others have added a long strip of molding to go over the holes rather than fill each hole individually...especially the ones along the front (there was a thread discussing this). The side holes can be covered with the addition of a spoiler and/or flares. I guess I'm saying to see if you can find a more creative method than using a bunch of plugs. Again, just a personal opinion. ;)
  3. carl

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    I use fiberglass and mat on the backside so I have something to lay bondo on....but then my cars tend to look "challenged" in the looks department at less than 20 feet. I don't like the look of the holes at both end of the car as they really draw your eyes. Carriage bolts painted to match the body would be the easiest solution.

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