Post apocalyptic dune buggy


True Classic
Probably should call it a swamp buggy with all the rain.
I started this some time ago but lost interest, then came the the lock down and I found I had more free time on top of my already free time so started tinkering with it again.
The goal was to use material on hand and not buy anything to finish.
Had to buy batteries and some gear lube.
The rest is pretty much metal and stuff that has been laying around for way more than a year.
The running gear is Fiat.
It is 48 volt so not much more than a golf cart that will hit 40 or better.
I am guessing it is under 1,000 pounds.
I can easily lift the front wheels off the ground.
It feels like 125 to 150 lbs.
Most of the weight is in the back and my son and I can lift the back end together.
Was planning on 72 volts but it goes good enough as is for what I will use it for.
Still need to work on the alignment because it gets squirrely at 35 to 40mph.
The right front brake grabs more than the other.
I think it is because I plumbed each line directly from MC to each brake.
Climes and side hills pretty good and can spin a doughnut in the dirt so I guess the operation was a success.


Glutton for punishment
Very cool. I would love a more complete tour of the various parts/systems to see what you have done.

I am thinking about converting a tractor I bought last year to electric rather than getting the IC engine rebuilt/finding a new one.

It is hydrostatic so I can just run an electric motor at 3600 rpm constant and use the hydro for speed and direction.

Today it has a boxer twin Koehler which weighs about 200 lbs (old school iron) so the batteries will increase the weight but not that much. The batteries would be center mass of the tractor as it is effectively a mid engine, center articulated design from the late 60s. (Hesston Front Runner 180 in this case, I also have a 200)

Would hope to modify a mower deck with three modern push mower motors. This would be much like the GE ElecTrac (which there is a decent example for sale locally to me which is tempting but would not please my wife, three tractors to go with the four Fiats…).

In any case, it looks like fun. Funny how noisy the suspension seems to be.


True Classic
Thought about converting one of my lawn tractors. It takes about eight hours to mow my approximately five acers of hilly terrain so decided to put it off until if ever.
If you can afford lithium batteries, it would save some weight and give a little more run time.
I haven't looked at manufactured electric mowers but some of the conversions I have seen run the mower deck off the main drive like stock.
Like I said the buggy is mostly from stuff I had on hand so on the suspension mostly it was weld, that ain't right, cut off and redo so consequently it looks like doo doo and still needs some tweaking.
Did take care of a lot of the front squeak. I drilled the top cross bar, holding the shocks and springs, for six bolts and and after putting in the main two 5/16 bolts to draw it down my brain knocked off for the rest of the day and I didn't put in the four quarter twenties on each corner so the bar was kind of moving more than it should.
Had a few other nuts I neglected to tighten.
Still rattles a little but not as bad now.
This is a candidate for the redneck, shade tree, jury rig hall of fame.
Here's some pictures of early stage of confusion.


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