Preparing For Dallara Body Kit


Tony Natoli
Just in case someone didn't get it (probably because you are younger than 45 or didn't live in North America) "BUT I'M FEELING MUCH BETTER NOW" is a quote from the old TV series "Night court". It was coming from a man, released out of a Mental institution, with a wide insane smile in it's face while shouting that! 🤪


I loved that show... and Markie Post.. and my favorite episode was the time they got stranded in Alaska and the Eskimo Chief called John Larrouquette "Dan-Dan Fielding"!

Then there is Harry Anderson's infatuation with Mel Torme' and Selma Diamond as the Bailiff... WHAT A CAST! Same goes for WKRP in Cincinnati and the great Turkey Giveaway. (Who knew our modern-day turkeys couldn't fly?)

Thanks for the memories!


True Classic
Posted this door shimming in another thread - just adding it here as part of the Dallara build