R.I.P. "Aunt Mary"...

It is with sad hearts that we announce the passing of Mary Bruce, aka "Aunt Mary" a few days ago.

Mary was a new addition to the X19 owner's circle, having bought her beautiful 1978 X19 in 2009, but she really enjoyed the car and fit right in with the crowd.

Some of you met her at the 2009 Fiat Freak Out in Valley Forge, PA where she entered her car and won 1st place in the 74-78 Series 1 X19 class. Mary was unforgettable, possessing and wearing more hats that Queen Elizabeth herself.

Mary was a Canadian citizen and 2nd cousin to my wife Marnie, although everyone she met ended up calling her "Aunt Mary".

She enjoyed a wonderful career and was spending her retirement split between a riverside home in Napanee, Ontario, and a condo in Mississauga. Most of the Toronto Fiat club members had gotten to know her and her car.

In the last couple of years she began wintering in an artistic haven in Mexico filled with American and Canadian expats.

Mary's passing was an unexpected and sudden event, caused by complications after a relatively minor surgery.

Mary will be greatly missed, but she would not want anyone to be sad.

She would be the first one to ask that you raise a glass of Scotch and laugh instead.

-Matt, Marnie and Brayden Brannon
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Bob Brown
I met Mary at FFO 2009

And enjoyed talking with her and "coveting" her Saratoga top. (which later became real) :)
She was a lovely person. took real pride in her car and was a pleasure to talk with.
I have pictures from FFO 2009 that I'll look through and send to Marnie if she want them.

Sorry to hear the news. May she R.I.P


Tim Hoover
I am sad to hear of your families loss Matt and of course anytime one of our "own" passes. I am glad to hear she had the opportunity to share our love of these little cars.

May she rest in peace..



Bob Grasch
I too met Mary at FFO 2009

I'm sorry to hear of her passing. Mary was very friendly and nice to talk to. I was parked next to her X1/9 on show day.

My condolences go out to Matt as well as your family. May she R.I.P.


Tony Natoli
I never knew her, but...

I too add my condolences to you... as well as her family and friends.

If good folks like you and Bob and others say she was a hoot as well as a fine person... then I'll raise my glass as well. Scotch though, no... Canadian whiskey is my favorite...


1981 RHD X1/9
Sweet lady

I met Mary at the FFO and remembered her passion for her X1/9. She seemed to enjoy the car and was a sweet lady. I am sorry for your family's loss.


Waiting for Godot...
My condolences Matt and Marnie

Sorry to hear about your loss. "Aunt Mary" sounds like she was a perfect Fiat person.