Rear wheel bearing failure 53K, plus rear brake pad issue


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Ann's 500S developed a howl in the rear - I took it apart today & found the r/r bearing was noisy & 'crunchy'.

The other issue was that the rear inner pads are cocking, and not making contact - the rotor is ****ed. I had replaced the pads & rotors a couple/few years back. Curious if anyone else has had this issue.

hub is an easy job. remove cap, 32mm socket for spindle nut, remove large washer, pull off hub. put back the same way & torque nut to 207ft/lb


rotor & pad



Jeff Stich

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The brake rotor/pad issue is a result of the wheel bearing failure. Bearings failed, hub/rotor goes askew while turning, abnormal contact with pads occurs.
My X had all wheel bearings fail at under 20K. They had an issue with the bearings and it was before they added the external seal. I remember a Fiat mechanic telling me that many X wheel bearings went bad during the ocean voyage and they often had to replace them when they prepped the car for sale.