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Discussion in 'X1/20 Forum' started by motoTrooper, Aug 29, 2015.

  1. motoTrooper

    motoTrooper True Classic

    Don, thanks for the comment! Yeah, ahead of the installation I was flipping the oil filler neck on its mount and tweaking the dipstick tube back away from the front of the engine trying to figure out how I was even going to be able to reach inside and get to them the way the decklid opens. Seems like this will be much more direct!:) Let me know if you need a hand when you're ready too. Sorry I didn't reach out and have you over when I got engrossed. I have a bad habit of not asking for help -a habit I am working to overcome.

    Karl, too late, your posts have already revealed you as an interesting character! I've just (mostly) given up on trying to fit in, so I try to have fun instead. Thank you for the kind words regarding my project and the videos. I am doing much reflection on ways to further reinforce that rear framework without adding a (further) crap-ton of mass. The sheet metal idea is interesting if I can figure a way to route the exhausts through it...
  2. dllubin

    dllubin True Classic

    I tend to have that same bad habit but let me know if you get to a point where you need an extra pair of hands.
  3. Rod Midkiff

    Rod Midkiff True Classic

    Eugene, OR
    A thought on the oil stick and filler neck.

    Cab over semi trucks relocated both with longer tubes so drivers could check/add oil without tipping the cab. Have you thought about doing something like that to relocate them to the back of the motor?

    Love the Energy of the videos!! please keep them going!
  4. motoTrooper

    motoTrooper True Classic

    That would be hilarious Rob, to pull into a gas station next to a dude with a big truck and check my oil pulling out a fencing foil dipstick from that tiny car!:D
    And thank you for the kind words, they definitely help with the energy behind the videos, knowing that people are enjoying and getting something out of them!
  5. motoTrooper

    motoTrooper True Classic

    Some pics I have been harvesting off the 'tubes. Some are inspiration some are just fun.

    (How I hope my project car feels when I drive it)
    Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 11.40.35 AM.png

    Lovely tidy engine bay inspiration
    Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 9.19.18 AM.png
    Possible paint scheme inspiration
    Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at 10.06.55 PM.png

    "They all do that."
    Screen Shot 2017-12-22 at 3.12.10 PM.png
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  6. Daniel Forest

    Daniel Forest True Classic

    Do you intend to fit that Porsche engine in the front or the back of the car?
  7. motoTrooper

    motoTrooper True Classic

    I think I'll stack it on top of the SVX engine that's how Porsche does it -right?:D
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  8. Michael Hunter

    Michael Hunter True Classic

    What's ur plans for the 8 spoke you have a full set ?

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  9. motoTrooper

    motoTrooper True Classic

    No that's the only one, the others were the bow-tie style and (really) rough. I kept it as a possible emergency spare but if you need one to complete a set I would consider letting it go.
  10. Michael Hunter

    Michael Hunter True Classic wont do me any good...thanks
  11. lidox19

    lidox19 Daily Driver

    Cheltenham UK
    Hi motoTrooper,
    Great brake videos. I am trying to do a similar upgrade to the rear of my x1/9 but using Alfa 164/Fiat Croma turbo rear calipers with 38mm pistons and correct orientation hand brake mechanism.
    Found this blog a while ago. It's not the easiest to navigate but some interesting suspension and brake mods.

    Keep up the good work
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  12. motoTrooper

    motoTrooper True Classic

    Thank you Andy, also I appreciate any additional information I can find on helping me bring this car to a safe stop after I've mashed the throttle! I'm certain all of us here would like you to share your upgrades and experiences too, if you would.

    Kind regards,
  13. mkmini

    mkmini True Classic

    I tought Your name is motoTrooper

    *sorry for spamming here :D
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  14. mkmini

    mkmini True Classic

    How is it going with Your Scorpion?
  15. motoTrooper

    motoTrooper True Classic

    Hey all I' have been doing a bit of work on the Scorpion but also trying to get some other previously started projects out the door. Here is the most recent one -a '79 Yamaha XS400 restomod that I built from a pile of bits of parts from 5 different bikes.


    The drive behind this one was that this was the first motorcycle I ever desired -when I was 8 years old. Dad rightly said, "No!" even though he had a Triumph 650 in the garage himself. When I got this in it's sorry state I decided to build the bike I wanted but with my present ideas about performance and appearance. I'll probably put up a video of it in a bit...
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  16. dllubin

    dllubin True Classic

    San Gregorio Beach?
  17. motoTrooper

    motoTrooper True Classic

    Pomponio Beach, I think it's called.
  18. dllubin

    dllubin True Classic

    Yes, that looks right. About a mile south of San Gregorio. I used to ride my bicycle down that way and often turned around at San Gregorio or Pomponio unless I did the loop through Pescadero and Loma Mar. About 5 years ago, I had a near daily commute from Santa Cruz to Woodside so that scenery got pretty familiar.

    Stop by next time you get up this way. I'm at the point where things are beginning to go back into the car. If I was relying on the car as a daily driver, I could probably have it running in a few days but lacking that type of initiative, I'd say it should be running by mid summer.
  19. motoTrooper

    motoTrooper True Classic

    Thanks Don, will do!

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