Remember the CG-lock?

Discussion in 'NFC Forum' started by carl, Dec 30, 2019.

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    I remember them advertised a million years ago for autocrossers. Function was to lock your retractable seatbelt/shoulder harness in place. I never had one but my recently purchased Miata came with one installed on the driver belt. One of many clues that this car must have been autocrossed many years ago.
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    That’s one I missed, I have never seen one.

    I always rolled the backrest back a few degrees, jerked the belt to get the inertia reel to lock and then moved the back rest forwards to lock me in place. It worked out pretty well.

    I suspect that gadget would have been a good bit better.
  3. twincam69

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  4. Ulix

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    Stuttgart, Germany
    I have one.
    Helps a little.
    But not more.
    It also presses on my hip bone and hurts. :)
    If Karls method of locking the belt works, it is probably the better method.
  5. RJ80

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    I had one of these in a Toyota MR2 I used to own. The problem I had was that I could never get the set screws (the two screws seen on the lower part of the CG Lock in the photo) to stay securely mounted. Not sure if it was a case of user error, an incompatible belt design or a problem with the CG Lock itself. I guess they don't make them anymore, so...

    It was a neat idea and when it worked, it worked well.

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