Resurrecting #1170

Chad C.

True Classic
What're your plans for it? Looks like a worthy project, no rust on the front trunk vent openings is impressive. I was also so lucky, but I've seen many badly rusted from trunk lids due to poor design. It's hard to tell from the pics, is the windshield cracked around the rear view mirror? That's another common problem. I see it seems to have a windshield gasket in place, whereas others are bonded in with adhesive. Don't know more about that one, maybe someone else does?

How's the interior? I'm sure I don't need to tell you what lurks below the carpet...

Is that a Fiat 131 or a 128SL (or other) in the garage? Regardless, it seems in good company. Best wishes for its redemption, & post up your progress with it : )

Dean Scharer

Daily Driver
Complete cooling system from the stainless pipes to the radiator, thermostat, water pump, hoses and overflow tank.

Brake calipers rebuilt, high performance brake pads, new lines and hoses.

Brand new Koni struts and springs cut to lower the chassis.

Interior removed, floorboards checked for any rust (none) and treated with POR15 to insure future longevity.

2.0l engine from a fiat spider. Machines and given 10:1 compression pistons from Midwest Bayless but utilizing American rings.

Complete head disassembly and 40/80 intake cam to an 1800 head with porting and matching. I chose to do a brand new carb although I have the ability and parts to do the dual carb setup. At this point I want a driver. I can and may experiment further down the line.

Electronic ignition replaces the old point system.

Interior reassembled and essentially a new undercarriage under a 43 year old body.

Dean Scharer

Daily Driver
Windshield is intact with no cracks. I have two spares as well for my other cars. The hood is in terrific shape with a few chips but no rust.

Earl Quijada

Low Mileage


Earl Quijada

Low Mileage
the car was basically a shell... the interior was completed with a new dashboard, door panels, window mechanism, seat rails, seats, seatbelts, sorted the wiring, sourced a clock all original parts.

Earl Quijada

Low Mileage
Brakes were redone with new pads, rebuilt calipers, new master cylinder, new brake line... had to do a hardline from the master going to the front left wheel as the previous owner somehow cut the line thinking it was for the rear brake booster.

Earl Quijada

Low Mileage
here are more pictures of the brake system. The car had no brakes at all. had to source new calipers. It now also rides on Koni adjustable shocks.

Dean Scharer

Daily Driver

are we looking at just one car here?
Earl and Eddy Tuason ( The Scorpion King ) have been putting this car together. The project started on Feb 23rd of this year and the car drove again yesterday for the first time in 20 years!
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