Retrograde "progress" on '67 Spider HP restoration

Discussion in 'Rear-Engine Fiats' started by Frank L. Di Gioia, May 16, 2019.

  1. Frank L. Di Gioia

    Frank L. Di Gioia True Classic

    las vegas, nevada
    As I guessed a stock good 850 starter had a tough time cranking race motor. I got the slight "I want to start" followed by declining effort. The high torque geared reduction starter is on the way. Should have known better than to even try. I live in an HOA that looks for any excuse to tag people so I can't use the time tested "tow it" method. The rims are SSR three piece 15x8 and sort of actually fit under the 850. They are off a Honda Accord and have a 4X100 pattern and fit with centric rings and "wobble bolts"" for now. In theory they will clear when the wheels go up and down but I'm holding off on paint till I actually see that happen. If needed I can replace inner and/or outer halves to allow fit. I say "retrograde as the tail was on before I decided I needed to swap starters so I thought it's a good time to install the Scudira Topolino replica OT1000 sump.
    Be aware it fits BUT required slight trimming of several dividers AND the oil pump mounting tabs at the oil pickup to actually fit. Using masking tape asa guide for where things hit allowed tracking of interference areas. Nothing new for Abarth people.
  2. NM850

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    Albuquerque NM
    Pictures, we want pictures. :) Especially of the wheels. Always interesting to see what fits.

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