Rusted Out 1970 850 Spider Fix-Up

Daniel Gibson

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Ok, my new top is here! But, I cannot install the frame until the rear trim panels are in place. Unfortunately, the one remaining one looks like this:

So, let's make some new ones! Using that completely messed up piece of plastic above, I was able to make a pattern into some thick cardboard.

Next, glue and cut some thin foam to the cardboard.

Finally, cut and glue on the vinyl. I will let them dry until tomorrow. I need to get a bag of trim screws anyway. I think they will work quite nicely.

Daniel Gibson

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Ok, the weather gave me a break, and it is warm again! Yay! Let's get back at it

First up is the back panel. This one was pretty easy to cut. I was so bummed when those bubbles appeared about an hour after I glued it on.


It fits pretty well. I used headliner material on the wheel stretches and covers quite nicely. That bottom drape piece was bubble free too when I put it on. Argh! At least it is hidden once the seats are in.

The bottom panel was a little trickier...the old one was so gross and shrunk that is was useless. Here is my new board after I cut it to shape.

Say bye bye to these nasty pieces of rot. Down to the curb with them. Smalls pieces of plastic have busted off them and they litter my garage!

Anyway, here is the end result. It ain't perfect, but I am pleased. Getting ready to place an order for all the rubber parts...dang it will be costly!


Here is what most people would see, or less once the seats are in.

I have an idea for the carpet. I want to try something different. Will keep you all posted!


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It looks great, Dan! Keep it up!

Did you use a spray-on adhesive when applying the new coverings?

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In all of the excitement about the interior, I forgot about the wipers! Boy, they fought me every inch of the way. Motor did not want to turn, and the wiring was fussy. An hour of coaxing later, and some oil, and it is working normally. Even parks correctly!


Here is all the parts left to be put back on. Even a film reel! About half of these parts are spares from the junkyard fiat.

4 toggle switches all working, and ready to go!

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Ok, time to make some door panels! Here is what I am working with, and this is the better one!


Even on the door panel, there is rust. The top of the door panel has a chunk missing!

I was able to use it as a pattern to make a couple of new wood panels.

Here is a sample fit. So far so good!

And here is the first panel. Test fit only. I am re-doing the glue. I forgot that the door interior lock is broken, and the spring on the door handle is broken. Nothing on this car worked! More to come!


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Question - are you spraying both panel and vinyl with the glue, and waiting for it to set (3M spray adhesive [supertrim 77]? Typically that will prevent the kind of bubbling you are experiencing, unless you are using an off-brand adhesive spray?

Daniel Gibson

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Question - are you spraying both panel and vinyl with the glue, and waiting for it to set (3M spray adhesive [supertrim 77]? Typically that will prevent the kind of bubbling you are experiencing, unless you are using an off-brand adhesive spray?
I have tried several different ones, including 3m. I just must not have been using enough. The door panel looks much better.


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I have found liquid nails works for a lot of things, but it can get messy, and can be hard to clean off the messy bits.

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Doesn't the new top look nice? I need to get that top frame back on.

I kinda slacked off tonight. I did get new springs on the inside door handles. However the driver side outside handle was busted. There is pin that pushes into the latch when the button is pressed, and it was snapped off. I did not want to mess with taking this off, as there is a plastic rod that works the lock, and I know it was just waiting to break. I pondered it a bit, and came up with a good workaround. I took a sheetmetal nut, reversed it, stuck a small bolt in it and attached it to the flats plate the pin would press. That got the plate close enough so that the broken button can contact it and release door. Problem solved!


TV time!

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Ok, putting that stupid top frame back on took way longer than it should have. Those bolts just did not want to start! Anyway, here it is. I also reinstalled the chrome catches for the top lid.


Just for fun I threw the top on there. Dang! It is almost looking like a car again! Oh, I also put the fiat emblems on the wheels. I am missing one, so please pm me if you have one you can sell me.

Pretty soon, vroom vroom vroom!

Next: more interior stuff!

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