S1 Beta Montecarlo / Scorpion 2000 engine build.


Steve Cecchele
The project is a go. Customer dropped off the donor Lancia Beta Coupe to have it's engine and transmission harvested.

with blocks of wood under the jacking point on the sills the chassis is balanced with a third block under the engine subframe

After the front suspension is out of the way, loosen off all the subframe bolts and then lower the front of the car to the ground, the back end lifts up as the car pivots on the wood blocks.

Add a support to the overhead beam (as yet unfinished extension to my shed) and lift the front of the car clear of the drivetrain unit which is now resting on the floor.



Some of the engine bits

Clockwise from the top...

Pistons Kolben Schmidt (mahle packaged) 5.2mm dome, the best quality cast pistons out there for a Fiat twin cam, and reasonable weight at 467 including rings. Gudgeon pins are Ross and just on 100g. Exhaust valves are sodium filled from a turbochasrged model of the engine, Inlet valves are genuine Volumex (much nicer back profile and the lightest factory 43.5 valve), Main bearings are original Italian made Clevite, front and rear crank seals in Viton from a turbocharged model, ARP head stud set, ARP rod bolt set, OE Fiat bolt only type rods (to be modified to take Chev SJ SB big end shells)

They are cast pistons, but quite light and really high quality.

More parts that arrived for the build. Cylinder head is Fiat Regata 100s (same as ritmo 105) 43.5mm inlet valves standard. Genuine Alquati Montecarlo specific manifold. genuine Weber 44DCNF carbs. Alquati nitrided steel cams.

This week I'll strip the engine and send the block off for machining soon. Head/manifold porting starts after I finish a couple of SOHC head builds that are nearly done.

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Chad C.

True Classic
Looking forward to seeing this progress. That's a pretty humble setting for drivetrain removal for a man of your skills, I hope the Beta gets saved.

I believe you have a Scorpion of your own? Seems like I recall a move to Southeast Asia? I hope you create a build thread for your Scorpion when you get to it. I've learned a lot from your posts here and on other sites, and I don't mind saying I'm a bit of a fan. Thanks for sharing what you know.


Steve Cecchele
The Beta has seen beta days...

It has quite a lot of rust and just isn't an economical save, but a good donor car. Everything will get harvested and on sold / used, I'm even going to offer to give the carcass away to someone free (but I doubt I'll have any takers) when I'm finished taking what I can use, so she will live on...

Where I did the engine removal is the frame of a planned extension to my shed / workshop, adds and extra 30 sq M or so floor space, inside is full of cars and I don't have a suitable overhead beam that will hold the weight of a beta front end. I added some notations the the removal pics to explain the process.

The Monte is my "old" car... Thailand didn't work out so I'm back in Australia working from home doing heads / engines. I only ever bought the Monte as a "speculative" purchase, hoping to ship it to Thailand (if you get a Visa B and work permit status for 12 months you can import one personal vehicle) as a Monte is worth about the equivalent of maybe 75K aud over there... I sold it to my cousin, on the proviso he lets me build the motor I had planned... he's an Alfa guy and I've been trying to get him into an X19 for years, and he loves the Lancia, so it's all good.