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Thanks Christopher. With the old pics in this thread gone, and having never owned a Scorpion, it is difficult to tell how different they are.
The '76 I'm considering has the solid panels but I like the "open" ones.

Actually what I'd really like is one of 3 possibilities:
1) the 'open' style but without the glass in them. Think Merak. I believe all of the 'open' Scorpion type came with the glass in the sail panels?
2) with the glass but also with a glass cover over the top of the sails. Think Bora. Could even remove the engine lid and trim up the edges with this mod, to display a tidy engine bay through the glass.
3) with air scoops in the sides and a clear cover over the top. Think 037 Stradale, but on Monte Carlo body trim.
dfgyr564rg.jpg lancia-037-kit-polycarbonate-window.jpg

And while I'm discussing the Scorpion's style. I really don't care for the US bumpers/trim (however that is also true of pretty much all European vehicles sold in the USA). The Monte Carlo looks much better, but I think there is still room for improvement. For one thing I'd like to see the bumpers be completely flush with the body work, as if they are part of the body itself, and extend lower in the front like a air dam. Likewise smooth/remove the seams around the nose trim pieces, to give the whole front end a cleaner appearance (painting them body color is a start). The quad headlights, without the "pop ups" would also help, as would a custom grill of some sort. I really like the tail panels that have been converted to round tail lights. Rachael showed a nice pic of this awhile back:

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I found a picture of the "037 Stradale?" front end that pretty much illustrates my thoughts. Smoothed lines for the nose, making the usual 'black' trim as part of the whole body work (blue arrows). Bumper that is flush with the body lines and extends down to a spoiler/air dam (red arrows), although I'd prefer it to be body color. Quad headlights, not pop-ups (yellow arrow). However all on the 'narrow' (Scorpion/MonteCarlo) body. And combined with a similar rear end treatment, as described earlier.

Lancia-Rally_037-1982-1600-01 - Copy.jpg

Sorry, guess I should have started a new thread. It just sort of happened before I knew what was going on. :rolleyes: