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Discussion in 'X1/20 Forum' started by budgetzagato, Dec 4, 2011.

  1. budgetzagato

    budgetzagato Administrator Moderator

    Olympia, WA USA
    Gave my Bertone a bath so it could be nice and shiny for its new owner next weekend.

    Got down and dirty with the Scorpion. Started innocently enough with vacuuming and such, then devolved into full electrical gremlin attack mode.

    First a pit stop in "seat slider hell" as I freed up the seats in their rails with lots of vacuum and lubrication work. Not a whole lot of seat angle adjustment there.

    Then I moved on to the glove box light (no + wire in sight), the console, radio, heater controls and such. The console switches have fiber optic lighting, and I think I found fiber optic "wires" headed for the dash end vents too. The ashtray and lighter lights didn't work at first, lots of ground issues. Like grounds not connected. The cigar lighter is too deep for my iPod USB charger.

    The the radio (inop Blaupunkt) had to come out to make room for my Pioneer deck from the Bertone. Crappy wiring at its best. Gone. Found the heater fan speed switch wires in there, they have been bypassed since the switch is frozen... will fix that. Found what I think is the glove box light wire(s). Also found the gauge cluster loose.

    Lots of cleaning happening along the way. This car was parked outside in its most recent life, and so there is a lot of city rodent evidence. Some chew marks and shredded stuff, as well as stores of seeds, feces and stuff like that. Yucko. But it doesn't smell bad and it's all hidden in the nooks and crannies.

    Good news is the car has all of its under-side ducting!

    I fit the 6.5x14 Bitrurbo wheels, looks really good. I didn't snap pics because it was late when I finished and we had a dinner date. Tomorrow I'll link to some pics. If these fit well, I'll sell my 6x14 set to someone. I'll keep the stock "bowtie" wheels for some reason. My Biturbos have 195/55R14 on them, which are actually smaller than what was on the car; 205/50R13. Weird. I think I found a sticky caliper up front.

    I've found many of the A/C refrigerant hoses cut, so I think I'll just delete the A/C system completely, or as well as I can. Clear some space at least.

    More tomorrow. :)
  2. Mark


    185/70-13s were original; about 23.2" diameter. 195/55-14 calcs to 22.4". 195/60-14s are spot on.

  3. The funny part is.....


    ......those folks outside the PNW will have NO IDEA why AC is (generally) not required here.

    There is a few South of us that talk about driving with the top off or down. Huh ?

    You washed your new toy ? Hey, I hadn't thought of that on mine. Probably looks better than it already did no doubt.

    I have all the forward undercarriage removed now and thanks to you and Wayne got shamed into refinishing the leaf spring. Happy to report three coats of primer and a couple final coats of SUNSHINE YELLOW. Makes it go faster ya know.

    I'll catch up to you on the electricals but haven't worked my way there yet.

    GREAT to hear what you found on the wiring was obvious. Obvious once the detective work was done, correct.

    Seat slider was gummed up ? No. You don't say. Does that happen ? Is all grime from the universe magically attracted to the prior lubes placed on the rails there ? There's gotta be a name for that concept.

    '72 X 1/18
  4. budgetzagato

    budgetzagato Administrator Moderator

    Olympia, WA USA

    Now you've done it Les, you'll have to color-match your coil springs. And where are the pics? :whistle:

    Fortunately for you (and for me in my case) the 850 wiring is pretty simple. Getting your taillights to work could be frustrating with all those rusty rivets trying to conduct electricity.

    These cars are fascinating sometimes. I was looking at this glove box light trying to figure out how the hell it should work. The entire lamp assembly moves like a door jamb switch. No wires on it. I found a ground wire with a ring terminal loose behind the glove box, and also a bunch of orange wires ending in a female spade terminal. My theory is that the orange wires are supposed to connect to the tab on the lamp assembly, and the ground is supposed to somehow magically connect to the speed nut that the lamp assembly screw goes into. I wonder if it even worked when new. :confuse2:
  5. Pete Whitstone

    Pete Whitstone True Classic

    McKinney, TX
    Jeremy Clarkson from Top Gear had this to say...

    about Lancia engineering/marketing:

    "What if we made the windows roll up and down using pure magic? Doesn't work? Sell it anyway!"

  6. roadbox

    roadbox True Classic

    Rockville, MD

    I've always said there was a sign outside the factory delivery door for the Scorp/Monte that read: "This is sort of the idea, see what you can do with it..." :grin:

    John O.

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