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Scorpion # 253 project

Discussion in 'X1/20 Forum' started by BEEK, Apr 19, 2017.

  1. BEEK

    BEEK Daily Driver

    Clermont Fl
    the pictures dont show it, but there is an ear for the camber bolt to push against. Personally I would like to see an ear on the other side too. I assume that the car will want to push towards negative camber so the bolt will only have to push against the back stop. But as a suggestion for the fabricator. It would be a nice upgrade in the future. And obviously yes that is the reason for the 2 different bolts. I have allen bolts ordered to replace the original bolt which will be black oxide finish to match the camber bolt. Fastenal hasn't delivered them yet. The real funny thing is that this is all a trial fit for the summer. Once i get the suspension sorted out and everything in order, and the engine built, the whole car will come back apart for paint and interior. that may be right before the divorce.....
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  2. BEEK

    BEEK Daily Driver

    Clermont Fl
    a few new things arrived today.




    ordered the under drive size. i will try this first. If i have overheating issues i will go to full size.
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  3. kmead

    kmead True Classic

    Grand Rapids, MI
    New parts are always fun to receive. They are even more fun once installed.

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