sdlsaginaw has passed...


True Classic
Early Xweb member Steve Lawson of Saginaw, Oregon passed away recently.
No other info known...he was only about 60.

Met Steve before Xweb existed & shared many adventures over the years with him.
He sourced many parts from me, & running joke was Guinness & a sammich was the fee.
He loved Guinness on tap & his visits always included visit to local pub.

He was faithful participant at years of famous Wayne's Garage Xweb Gatherings,
even though his drive was 200 miles longer than Portland area Xheads.
Also attended Mirafiori Gatherings in Southern Oregon for several years.

After resurrecting a couple ratty FI Xs, Steve bought his dream X...a '74!
Not just any '74, this one was resurrected from a shell by Wayne Wright,
& later acquired by Mark Plaia. Each owner added his own touches
to Lil Mela Verde.

Steve was exceptionally nice person...nary a discouraging word from him.
Also brilliant with electronics & was IT manager for regional distribution company.
Yet, always a humble personna, so his brilliance wasn't apparent
until you got to know him.

Rest easy ole are missed more than I can express.


True Classic
ah, man, I liked Steve. He will be missed for sure.
Another name to add to the memorial list for Oregon2022.


Bob Brown
Very sad news. Steve sent me a wiper mod (for the X1/9) plus a chip that needed programming a few years back. He sent me 2 chips so I could upload code to it for him but it turned out I also needed a programmer for it as well. I still have that project here and in my recent retirement, planned on getting that job done.
As stated above by OleRascal, Steve was a brilliant engineer with talents not well known by most here on X-Web.
I don't recall ever meeting Steve in person but he will be greatly missed. If someone can post a photo of Steve, it would be most appreciated. I have a very old photo that was taken by Mac many years ago that I can post if no one has something recent.
RIP Steve.


What the hell.... I cannot believe it. I have known Steve for quite a while. Have spent time at his house and enjoyed his company many times. I am at a loss for words. Mike, as you said he was an extremely nice person, and while he liked to pretend he was a hick, he was nothing further from it.

I am so sad...

Steve, going to miss you.

Rod Midkiff

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Here are the pictures His Son posted on Facebook with the announcement.







Here are three pictures from His Facebook page



Glutton for punishment
Way too soon says another 60 year old.:oops:

So sorry for his family. He was a great forum member, always gave great advice in threads and always kind and respectful.

We also lost Mark Battaglia here in Grand Rapids, he was a Vietnam vet and was well known in the local Fiat and Alfa communities. Tough month

M. Lawson

True Classic
I just got back into Xweb for the first time tonight since my father passed and saw this in memoriam. Thank you all for the kind words for my father. I’m sorry that we also lost Mike shortly after as well.