seat upholstery kits?


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Does anyone besides Vicks sell x1/9 seat upholstery kits? I'm looking for beige, cream, or grey; not black.


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There is a seller on eBay that offers a lot of leather interior goods for the X1/9. I don't recall specifically if they offer seat covers but I'd bet they do. Off hand I don't have their contact info, but try entering "Fiat X1/9 leather upholstery" in eBay's search box and I think it will come up (probably along with things like "X rated leather toys").


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wow, those look nice! I could probably get the seats done locally for the price of some of those, tho...

try entering "Fiat X1/9 leather upholstery" in eBay's search box and I think it will come up (probably along with things like "X rated leather toys").
I tried ebay, but didn't find much other than some pleather seat covers; not actual upholstery.

Leather isn't really a requirement anyways. The original seats look like almost a corduroy type material with a few vinyl panels.

Thanks for the suggestions!

Dan Sarandrea (Phila)

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Start a 'convesation' (aka private message) to member "Tonyk" and ask if he has contact info for the auto upholstery shop that created replacements for Bob Martin's car. As I recall the product look great in the pix and was a dead ringer for stock, was comparably priced to what little new old stock is left, and is probably superior to NOS at this point if for no other reason than the NOS stuff has deteriorated from decades of storage, and was never stupendously durable in the first place.


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If you are looking to keep it stock original then I agree with Dan, it will be better to get some made from a source like he suggests. Otherwise if you are not necessarily looking for originality, then ask around at your local upholstery shops. We've discussed this before and apparently there is a HUGE variance in prices; some regions of the country are really expensive while others are not, and some local shops will be much higher than others. In my area I can get a nice complete reupholstery job on two seats for about $300 (material and labor). Compared to the prices for most covers it is less for me to drop the seats off at a shop. You are in Texas so depending which part, you might find some really good upholstery shops locally. I know where I am there is a very large population from Mexico and that includes some extremely talented craftsmen in several specialities - including upholstery. That's why I can get seats done at a reasonable cost. Being close to Mexico you may find the same there?


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eBay seller "diamondmall" has listed new reproduction Fiat X1/9 seat skins in the past, and he/she is still active on eBay. Search these forums for "diamondmall" for reviews.
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Those look great!
In my experience having a shop do a reupholstery job always looks much better than installing any pre-made recover kits. And it allows you to choose exactly what material, pattern, alterations, colors, etc, that you want. They can completely reshape new foam to totally change the seat's shape and fit to meet your needs, then make new upholstery to match the new shape.
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I wondered why Vick's only offered black upholstery, but after some thought I decided it was because modern black vinyl will pretty much match an old black interior. Finding good off the shelf modern matches for the other Fiat interior colors would be much harder. The Vick's black upholstery worked for me, but I did have to black out the grey on the door cards. And yes, it is hot in the summer, but I wanted the black against the exterior orange.
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These are stunning. Where did he order these?
Locally done for him. As said above, a local shop working with you can do a great job.

Kent’s are likely the best I have seen. (The rest of the car is to a similar standard.)

Peter Cecil

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I have seen and can vouch for the seats in Kent's (Elderair) X. As already mentioned, Kent's X is amazing overall.