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Discussion in 'Discussion Forum' started by Dr.Jeff, Jul 13, 2018.

  1. Dr.Jeff

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    I thought this would be easy to find, but I must be a bigger idiot than I realized because I haven't found it.

    Although the European market continued with carburated induction for many years beyond the US market, I believe they eventually offered FI for the X1/9 in Europe (?). And I assume those Euro spec FI cars had the improved "European" profile cams (?). If all that is true, what are the torque specifications (value and at what RPM) for the fuel injected 1500 US spec vs fuel injected 1500 Euro spec engines?
  2. fiatfactory

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    Only certain markets got EFI engines in the later Bertones... Australia did, Switzerland... probably a few other countries that required catalytic convertors and unleaded fuel. England, Germany, Italy got all carbed cars.

    EFI engines in Australia have standard same same USA spec cam... I think the CC precluded use of anything longer duration.

    Carbed cars were 85hp/87lb/ft torque

  3. Dr.Jeff

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    So I guess there was never a engine with "Euro cam" and FI? Interesting, but the emissions issue would make sense.

    A related question then is the torque data compared between the US spec and Euro spec cams with otherwise basically the same (carbed) engine? You mentioned 87 lb/ft, I'm assuming that's the euro spec 1500? And any idea at what RPM?

  4. Jeff Stich

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    Trying to compare torque data this way would give heavily (Euro) biased results, since the USA 1500 carbed engine & the Euro 1500 carbed engine also have a few other differences besides just the cams. Carb type/specs, intake/exhaust manifold port sizes, cylinder head combustion chamber specs, piston pin heights & piston-top (valve) flycuts all favor the Euro 1500 performance-wise.
  5. Dr.Jeff

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    Very true, however it is the best comparison I can think of. If there were US and Euro versions with FI and different cams as I first asked, then it would be a better comparison (to some extent). Naturally this isn't absolute, but might offer a little insight. Really the interest is in the RPM ranges for the two cams; where does the torque come in with the US spec vs the Euro spec cams. I'd be happy to hear of other ways to get that info...anyone done some dyno testing with results to share? Thanks.

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