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Spray on chrome

Discussion in 'Discussion Forum' started by Paul Valente, Jul 9, 2010.

  1. Paul Valente

    Paul Valente Automotive Engineer

    Motor City USA
  2. JimD

    JimD Waiting for Godot... Moderator

    Missouri, USA
  3. Zona

    Zona Jase

    Lynchburg, VA
    hmm... maybe I should spray this stuff on my targa, oughtta reflect some of the heat from the sun.
  4. Wow, Paul... I could hardly believe my eyes...

    ... when he just kinda soaks the part with the second stage!

    Can't wait for the "rattle-can" version!

  5. pete c

    pete c Daily Driver


    i can feel a full chrome car coming on.

  6. ChrisPR

    ChrisPR Daily Driver

    Whole car

    Can I do my whole car in that stuff ? What an awesome process - totally surprised by the quantity of solution being sprayed on, and yet no runs !
  7. Jim W

    Jim W Luckless Pedestrian

    Cool process... curious how durable it is.
  8. eflexter

    eflexter Eddie Flexter

    Kansas City

    It looks like NICKEL/SILVER plating. Neat process getting it to stick to paint. Durability will be a problem. And eventually it will turn black, even under the clear coat. But you can always do it again!

    This would be best for all that chromed plastic stuff in the interiors of 60's American cars. It's worth it for that alone!
  9. Good point Jim... Initially, it would be as...

    ... durable as ANY clearcoat over conventional paint... but then ya got the REFLECTIVE factor of the "chrome" layer heating the clearcoat from the underside also if this was sitting in the "warm California sun..."

    I wonder if they have time tested this in a lab with extreme heat and cold. I understand they can test stuff for several years in a week's time now and get an good idea... I think I saw something like this on the Discovery channel...
  10. Jim W

    Jim W Luckless Pedestrian

    In the video they made a few statements that the process was very much like how mirrors are made... if that's the case then it is a silver plating type process... probably using silver nitrate in solution. Although how they get the silver to precipitate out while being sprayed and stick well to paint is a mystery to me.

    If so, I'm guessing the finished product would be very susceptible to tarnishing if exposed to the elements... even with the clear-coat.
  11. Pete Whitstone

    Pete Whitstone True Classic

    McKinney, TX
    I'm curious why..

    mirrors don't seem to have this problem then. How is the tarnishing controlled in that case?

  12. Jim W

    Jim W Luckless Pedestrian

    Unlike a mirror where the "silvering" is on the back side and then heavily overcoated... car parts would have the silvering on the side that will have the most use and exposure... should the clearcoat get chipped, scratched or worn the silver would be exposed to the environment... ...and quickly tarnish.

    Mind you, this is all guess work on my part... I have no real clue as to what their process is.

    ...and if you were just using this process to restore interior parts on your trailer queen, then the durability question would be moot.
  13. Carl_Auer

    Carl_Auer Groovy

    Arvada, Colorado
    my understanding

    And I may be wrong, but I believe the concerns about the wear or longevity of this spray on chrome is a good concern and one that the guy in the video had. This is not the first time I have seen this stuff or the guy Jay had on the video. This is not his product invention, but he "made it better". My understanding was that he did not like the undercoat and the clear coat and modified the mixture or materials sprayed to make it adhere better to the paint undercoat and be protected better by the overcoat. The overcoat will still wear and supposedly you can just sand it down and do it again, where as with chrome, if it gets scratched or pitted again, you have to spend loads of money to have it re-chromed again. This process looks just as good, I think it would be easier to care for than real chrome, and inexpensive to apply over and over again compared to chroming. I also like the fact that you can tint the clear coat to give your "chrome" some zing.
  14. car chromed

    Remember I saw this kind of hole chrome cars a couple years ago




    should be same process I think
  15. RAGS747

    RAGS747 Daily Driver

    Pound Ridge NY
    Who will be the 1st here with a chrome X? Someone should do a photoshop!
  16. Zona

    Zona Jase

    Lynchburg, VA
    I imagine any imperfections would be super apparent.
  17. Carl_Auer

    Carl_Auer Groovy

    Arvada, Colorado
    I seem to remember

    an episode of Top Gear where they made Geoff, the home made electric car (with the diesle generator to charge the batteries) and the hood was so bright they all got blinded by the reflection as they test drove it the first time........... A chrome car would be blinding I think...
  18. htfx19

    htfx19 Herzel Frenkel

    Gan-Yavne, Israel
    It seems interesting

    any idea where can I get hold of such a system ?
  19. RicB

    RicB True Classic

    Austin, TX
    One of the comments has the following...

    "try emailing him at DirkBuck1*aol.com he might be slow to respond".
  20. petex19

    petex19 True Classic

    My spray on Chromed parts...

    This is exactly the same process that I paid to have done by a local Chroming shop called "Chrome Craft" and they explained the process to me which sounded exactly the same as the one in Jay Leno's video. As you can see in the photos they did my plastic parts (timing belt cover, coolant overflow bottle and did parts that would be exposed to high heat (cam box cover) and I've driven on 400miles since I installed the parts and everything still looks exactly the same with no change in the final chrome appearance at all. Now I had no idea that you could do this process yourself at home or I would have looked into that as an option as I paid $400.00 for all the parts seen in the photo to be done.


    P.S The final photo is of a dump truck that I drove beside this past spring on a local highway that had been Chromed and looked amazing.





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